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James: Built Ford tough

It seemed as though, after the mayoral election, the elitist snobs known as Torontonian liberals decided to keep their opinions to themselves. After all, a man who could have run for congress as a Tea Party candidate in the United States did just shellac them in their own socialist city. But now, it seems like they’ve finally recovered from the hangover of the mayoral election last fall. They’re back and they’re bickering, this time louder than ever.

As Mayor Ford attempts to sort out the city’s out-of-control spending and waste, the most entitled amongst us have come out of the woodwork, begging for more and more handouts. They cry about how much they care about services, even though none of these brats who turned out to voice their opinion to Mayor Ford this week have ever used a swimming pool, much less a public shower. For most of them, the only use they have for a public park is a sanctuary to smoke weed.

And of course, it’s not just the young “fight the man” communists who are making their voices heard, the media has also chimed in. Admittedly, it probably has been hard for them to suppress the urge to rant in rage in every single one of their columns and opinion pieces, but it looks like that anger has finally come to a boiling point.

Just type “Mayor Ford” into your Google search and you’re likely to get a bevy of articles about how Rob Ford is either in deep electoral trouble, or just a really mean man. Then, oddly enough, somehow the media critics find a way to link Mayor Ford’s attempt to cut city spending to … wait for it …  Margaret Atwood. Making her reading mandatory in public schools just wasn’t enough (the kiddies would rather be reading Harry Potter).

It’s strange to hear all this prognosticating amongst the chattering class about how Rob Ford is doomed to failure as mayor. It’s almost as though they really do believe that their downtown newsroom is all the city consists of.  In their minds the media, special interest groups, and academia are really the only ones who make up the City of Toronto. Never mind the thousands of taxpayers who work day and night to subsidize the “art” that they so love and adore.

The truth is, Mayor Ford is doing something that the public begs so many politicians to do: keeping his word. The public did not vote in a landslide for this mayor because they wanted more political correctness. They didn’t want more out-of-control spending. They didn’t vote for another tax on their car, their house, or their pet. They voted for cuts. They voted for balanced books. They voted for someone who would be fearless in achieving these things, and that is what they got.

It’s funny how the media decides to write about what the public is thinking, without ever bothering to ask the public what they’re thinking. They assume that everyone agrees with them, because that’s the bubble they live in, and that’s the city they’ve convinced themselves they live in.

The smug, elitist liberal culture is seeing the walls of their once city-wide, province-wide, and nation-wide empire crumbling around them. They’re in full-fledged panic mode. They’ve seen the country vote a conservative prime minister into a parliamentary majority and reject the professorial snob they could become orgasmic over. They’re seeing a backlash to Premier McGuinty, and are staring at Mike Harris 2.0 with the almost inevitable Tim Hudak victory in the fall. And now, they’re seeing their culture taken over, and thrown out the window (into the recycling) in Toronto. Those who used to hold the power in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada, are shaking in their Birkenstocks.

There’s a small minority of people in this city who will try to make you believe that if you support Rob Ford and his policies, you’re on the fringe. They’ll try to depress you into thinking that you are an oddball, a kook, and a conservative extremist. But in reality, you are the majority of people in this city who are sick and tired of working hard so that other people can live comfortably. You are sick of seeing your tax dollars wasted. That’s not selfish, that’s sensible.

The city tax-collecting beast and its lazy offspring have gotten comfortable with a life fully subsidized by the work of others. They’ve tricked themselves into believing that the ones who want to cut services are the greedy ones, and the citizens who choose to live off the government teat are noble. That idea—and the very idea on which it’s predicated—are about to be demolished, and it’s about time.

The fact that Rob Ford won an election in a city like Toronto just goes to show that what the left lacks in numbers, they always make up for in decibels. However, the time of allowing the loud voices to control the policy of this country and its cities are over. Mayor Ford is showing people that taking on the liberal machine where it lives and breathes really isn’t that difficult, you just need some guts, and a few Red Bulls to keep you going.

So, on behalf of the over 50 percent of this city who aren’t looking for handouts, and don’t have time to camp out downtown and beg for them: thank you, Mayor Ford. We salute you.