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Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson is a student in International Development and Urban Studies at McGill University.

Behind the Rhetoric: Kellie Leitch


The first thing that strikes me about Kellie Leitch is how she compares to the numerous other candidates running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. Kellie is one of only two women in a crowded field of men running to replace Stephen Harper as the permanent leader of the Party. Kellie Leitch is a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon by trade, has an M.B.A., and has experience as the Minister of Labour and Minister Responsible for the Status of Women. Her impressive resume dwarfs those of the other candidates running for leader, which will present voters with a viable opportunity to shape our Party for 2019. Kellie’s vision for the Conservative Party is one that all Conservatives can unite behind in order to take back Canada.


Kellie began volunteering for the Conservative Party at the age of fourteen, but since then she has worked up her way through the ranks of the Party. She is now in a position to fight for the leadership of the Party, after being a campus club president, managing campaigns, and serving on the Party executive. Kellie has never forgot about where she came from and how important the grassroots of the Party is. Kellie’s experience with the grassroots has led to her deep respect of the work and dedication that grassroots members contribute. This is one of the reasons that she is staunchly opposed to ending supply management in Canada, unlike leadership candidate Maxime Bernier. During the Leadership Debate in Saskatoon, Kellie cemented her support for the system because of the vote party members had on the issue at the Conservative convention in Vancouver. She has stated that she would only change her view if the party members changed their position. Kellie’s respect for the grassroots is a quality we need in our leader so that the Conservative Party remains a party for the people, and not just for an elite few.


Kellie’s policies towards the economy are those that will ensure that Canada is strong, not only for current generations, but also for future ones.


Kellie’s policies towards the economy are those that will ensure that Canada is strong, not only for current generations, but also for future ones. Imposing a price on carbon as the Liberals have done, and leadership candidate Michael Chong has suggested, is simply another tax that will take money out of the pockets of Canadians. The potential detriment that carbon pricing would take on the Canadian economy got even worse when the United States elected Donald Trump to be their next President, which was coupled with the defeat of Initiative 732 in Washington state, thus rejecting a state carbon tax. Given Donald Trump’s outright opposition to carbon pricing, instituting a price here in Canada will give the United States a comparative advantage over Canada. Kellie’s strong opposition to a price on carbon will ensure that Canada remains competitive in the international marketplace, and will foster the conditions required to create jobs for Canadians.


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Additionally, Kellie has proposed capping government spending. Prime Minister Trudeau has demonstrated that without capping spending, “modest deficits” can balloon into uncontrollable government spending, which as of today has yet to create a single full-time job. Kellie knows that Canadians believe in living within their means, and she believes that the federal government should do the same. Capping government spending will ensure that the government does not cripple future generations with unnecessary, unaffordable spending as Justin Trudeau is doing today.


Kellie Leitch is the frontrunner to become the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. She isn’t in this position out of luck, rather she achieved it by understanding what Canadians need most. Unlike Michael Chong, Kellie does not believe in crippling our economy and giving the upper-hand to the United States. Unlike Maxime Bernier, Kellie believes in listening to our grassroots members when they tell us that they are in support of supply management and support Canadian farmers. With Kellie’s strong fiscal conservative policies and impressive resume, we will be able to present a clear alternative to the Liberal government spending, which will undoubtedly hurt future generations.


Adam Wilson volunteers on the Kellie Leitch campaign

The Prince Arthur Herald

Photo Credit: Twitter, @KellieLeitch, @julesshazlewood