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Editorial Policies

1. The Prince Arthur Herald is a Canadian online newspaper for students and young professionals who want to argue points of view that are often ignored by the major news outlets.

2. As such, the PAH encourages the expression of diverse views on current events, without hiding our leaning towards classical liberalism.

3. The PAH refuses to publish any content involving racial hatred, homophobia, sexism or discrimination of any kind, be it explicitly or implicitly.

4. The PAH does not publish articles with personal attacks against the authors or members of the administration.

5. To ensure the continued publication of the newspaper, the PAH has a team of writers and editors who provide daily articles published from Monday to Friday.

6. Anyone interested in contributing regularly or occasionally in PAH is asked to contact our editor-in-chief at

7. The PAH reserves the right to not publish an article if deemed inappropriate as per paragraphs 3 or 4, or if the article in question deals with a subject that has already been adequately covered.

8. Any author whose article contains typos and / or remarks which are not their own is requested to notify the Editor as soon as possible.

9. The PAH also emphasizes the conciseness and clarity of its articles. Therefore, contributions should be in the range of 700 to 1100 words maximum.

10. It is the responsibility of each author to ensure, where appropriate, the validity of the sources cited.