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Katerina Gang
Katerina Gang is the Managing Editor of the Prince Arthur Herald and studies Journalism at Concordia University.

Trudeau and the Canadian left’s hypocritical “feminism”

The only women worth listening to, according to the Liberals and the NDP, are pro-choice women. The only women worthy of representing women, according to our country’s political left, are women who believe what they believe.


And this show’s the Trudeau government’s blatant hypocrisy when it comes to feminism and women’s rights—namely, a woman’s right to independent thought.


Last Tuesday, the Liberals and NDP successfully ousted pro-life Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder as chair of the government’s status of women committee, after having protested her nomination just a week before.


The Liberal and NDP-majority committee used its power and, instead, voted in pro-choice Conservative MP Karen Vecchio, despite Vecchio’s objections and demands to be withdrawn from nomination.


Indeed, the Liberals and NDP would rather have a committee chair entirely uninterested in the position, rather than one that challenges their views.


And there is much to challenge. A 2016 Ipsos poll found that 21 per cent of respondents supported limited access to abortion, in cases such as rape; eight per cent supported it only if the mother’s life was in jeopardy; and three per cent were against it no matter the circumstances.


Yes, a majority—57 per cent—of Canadians support access to abortion, according to the poll, but this support is not universal. Only 47 per cent of Albertans, for example, support access to abortion—the lowest approval rating in the country, and the area of the country Harder represents.


Despite Canadians’ clear division on the issue, Canada is one of the few countries in the world with no restrictions on abortion. According to an article in the Globe and Mail, this unfettered access to abortion has created a problem for some girls within Canada’s immigrant communities.


Two studies published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, which studied the gender ratio among births within Canada’s Indian immigrant community, determined there have been at least 4,472 “missing girls”—victims of sex-selective abortions—over the last two decades.


The Trudeau Liberals do not seem to think any abortion—even sex-selective abortion, which disproportionately hurts women and girls—is worthy of debate. In 2014, under Trudeau’s leadership, the Liberal Party announced that all future MPs would be required to vote in favour of a “woman’s right to choose” in all further legislation.


Thomas Mulcair, the former leader of the NDP, made a similar announcement about his party only a few months earlier.


It seems the Canadian left has decided pro-life women’s voices are not valuable with regards to reproductive rights. Our self-proclaimed “feminist” Prime Minister is actively disempowering women by not allowing them to defend their beliefs and rights, through the individual silencing of Harder and the symbolic silencing that leaving pro-life women out of the discussion creates.


There are pro-life women in Canada. I am one of them. And forcing us out of the discussion will not make us go away. If the Canadian left really are the feminists they claim to be, they would not try to take away women’s voices on a committee meant to support and hear them.