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Alexandre Meterissian has been a consultant at HATLEY since April 2013. He is a McGill University Arts graduate with a major in political science and minors in economics and philosophy. In September 2013, he will begin a Master of Science in Administration (MSc.), specialized in strategy at HEC Montréal. Alexandre has worked in various ministerial offices in Ottawa. He contributed to the development of various foreign policy initiatives while in the office of the Hon. Lawrence Cannon M.P., C.P. before joining the office of the Hon. Jason Kenney M.P., C.P. where he was responsible for relations with cultural communities in the Greater Montreal Area. Alexandre is a co-founder of the Prince Arthur Herald.

The top 10 craziest McGill Daily articles

While I was at McGill, I had so much fun picking up the McGill Daily, knowing I’d have a great laugh. Having graduated, I must say that I miss the crazy articles and unbelievably hilarious work they would publish with our student fees. So I have decided to share my passion for reading the McGill Daily with what I judge to be the top 10 “best” articles the Daily has published over the last few years. They don’t even need introductions, the work speaks for itself:


10- On thin ice (Sept. 9th 2013)

“U.S. imperialism is a genocidal regime, killing and destroying the lives of poor people of colour on a scale that statistics cannot communicate. It is also a for-profit business, one in which this university is an active partner.”


9- Bikes on parade (Sept. 9th 2013)

“The barriers at Milton Gates are also part of McGill’s newest effort to insulate campus from its surrounding community. Since its establishment, this campus has sought to create an anglophone foothill enclave. A spiked steel fence lines Sherbrooke.”


8- Tuition hikes are sexist (March 16th 2012)

“If student groups do not actively work to prevent tuition hikes, women in Quebec and at McGill will be hit hard. It’s time for students to join the fight for accessible education and stop this sexist hike.”


7- Dear boot-licking apoligists (Nov. 8th 2012)

“The slaughter-glorifying gun-horny narrative of November 11 is a fantasy. Even if we did abolish monstrous fascism with redoubled reactionary violence in order to live under the comparative freedom of liberal capitalist democracy, should we really be so excited to experience the lesser of two evils?”


6- Who’s hungry (Nov. 25th 2013)

“In a 2011 paper published in Nature, “Solutions for a cultivated planet,” a host of scientists – including McGill professors Elena Bennett and Navin Ramankutty – attempt to provide the answer. The authors suggest stopping harmful agricultural expansion, while at the same time increasing agricultural productivity where possible, changing diets, and reducing waste. On first read, this sounds great. But what doesn’t sit well with me is the idea that we must improve ‘underperforming’ land. It’s a way of continuing colonization, justifying the forced privatization and acquisition of people’s land.”


5- For children of colour who have attempted suicide (April 4th 2013)

“Queer child of colour in a Western land, you will always be a foreign body in a hostile organism. The school, the workplace, the dance floor, the university, the street, are designed to purge your presence from their veins. This white country will feast on your body if you let it, will swallow you whole and demand that you give thanks to its throat.”


4- The realities of harm (Nov. 18th 2013)

“The notion of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is systematically flawed, not only in the aforementioned case, but in most that go through the legal process.”


3- All racism happens because of whiteness (November 8th 2012)

“ “Can you please provide statistical evidence for your experiences of racism?”*  How better to answer than with a whole lot of ‘fuck no’s’ and a side of, ‘sit yo ass down!’”


2- You are racist (Oct. 18th 2012)

“Which brings me to my next point – the notion of a diverse society is racist.”


Drumroll please…


1- Movember as microaggression (Nov. 18th 2013)

“The pure and charitable sentiment is there – raising money for prostate and testicular cancer research, and fighting mental health problems among men – but what once started out as a harmless campaign has become sexist, racist, transphobic, and misinformed.”


By no means is this a complete list, so please add your own favourites in the comments section below!