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Eton Ziner-Cohen

BDS at McGill is pointless and divisive

And so, once again, the seething acrimony that has long been churning in the underbelly of the McGill community has festered and resurfaced. The age-old vitriol that year in and year out has been clubbed back into submission has dared to rear its ugly face once more, the toxic, hate-spewing libel has been ordained with a fresh corpus of terminology and the anti-Israel crusade has assumed a new pretext. I will leave it to the proponents of BDS to angrily recite their usual slew of allegations against the Jewish state and to formulate a substantive argument that addresses how, exactly, a vote undertaken by the student body to ostracize, demonize and alienate Israel will usher in an era of peace in the Middle East. By all means, they can advance their line of reasoning that a motion sanctioned by SSMU to take a unilateral and high-handed stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will lead to its amelioration, despite the flagrant fallacies that plague this argument and the empirical evidence that demonstrably proves otherwise. And they can contend the merits, or utter lack thereof, of their claim until they feel gratified with their contribution to furthering the cause of humanity. I wish not, however, to dismantle the tenets of BDS or to corroborate how it is to the detriment of the entire peace process. One can spend all day postulating, pontificating and preaching the ideals that the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement professes to stand for, and the academic disquisitions that are both for and against it can be fired back and forth in a volatile exchange until the end of time. Rather, I wish to discuss what is actually most pertinent in this debate, and that is how it will directly affect the life of a McGill student— after all, that is… Read More