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Zach Segal, Davide Mastracci

Letters to the editor

RE: Henry Kissinger: the last statesmanTO THE EDITOR,I was quite taken aback, and even slightly baffled, to see Henry Kissinger: the last statesman published right here in the Prince Arthur Herald on September 22, 2011.  I knew this was a conservative newspaper, and as someone representing right of centre views, I often find myself nodding in agreement with like-minded writers.  However, there is something about an article that sings Dr. Kissinger’s praises that seems anything but conservative.  Rather, I think the word is derogatory.  If this article were not so amusing because of the probability that it was satirical, it would be highly offensive and repugnant.It is important to note that I am quite aware of Kissinger’s talents, intellect and achievements in the international arena.  I was slightly apprehensive to give the former Secretary of State the credit for being talented and intelligent, as many deplorable men in high places are often quite talented and intelligent.  Having the qualities of intelligence and talent are not indicative of a good human being, but rather of one with intelligence and talent. To eliminate Viet Cong supply routes during the Vietnam War, Dr. Kissinger devised and ordered the secret and illegal bombings of Cambodia.  Kissinger was so aware of the complete and utter illegality of bombing a neutral third party without informing the public, congress, or anyone other than his inner circle for that matter, that he personally directed the bombing campaigns via American embassies in Southeast Asia.  When the illegal bombings were leaked, Kissinger had friends, aides, journalists and fellow bureaucrats wire tapped.Even after the 1973 peace accords with North Vietnam, Kissinger still pressed for the continued bombing of Cambodia.  The result of Kissinger’s personal Cambodia campaign was 500,000 dead Cambodians and two million refugees.  A simple analysis of Cambodian history will show that… Read More