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Yisroel Margolin

Peace, not apartheid

There was, recently, a tragic incident in the West Bank town of Itamar. A mother, a father, and three little children were tragically murdered by, according to mainstream media outlets around the world, “infiltrators.” Clearly, the use of the word “terrorist,” when in reference to a Muslim “assailant,” is taboo.I could spend many hours discussing the tragedy and the utter inhumanity of the act; I could spend just as long discussing the unwillingness of the media to call this attack what it is: a terror attack. The world has spent the last 89 years discussing exactly to whom the land actually belongs. All of these topics have been debated, over and over again, almost ad nauseum; I won’t discuss those again here.There is one point in this incident which has been consistently overlooked, both by the mainstream media, and by pundits: why, in fact, is there a danger that someone would come and murder a Jew living in the West Bank? The standard answer given to this curiosity is that it’s “their land.” I promised not to discuss whose land it is; let us say it belongs to the Palestinians. I have one question though– so what?Allow me to explain. I am not suggesting that one can go and steal land, and build upon it as he pleases. What I am asking is, when one immigrates to a new country, and buys himself a plot of land (as the residents of these Jewish settlements have), why would that country object to his building a house upon that plot? Let us say that the entirety of the West Bank was to pass over into the hands of a new entity: the State of Palestine. Would the Jews then be allowed to live there? Would their friendly neighbours allow them to immigrate… Read More