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William Burke

Liberals Lack Outreach in Quebec

The pollsters have spoken! Canadians like that Justin Trudeau has used and is in favour of legalizing cannabis. Liberals are all smiles with the huge boost in public opinion, having knocked the NDP back to third palace. But where’s the beef? How can Liberals celebrate the fact that we are polling higher than the other federal parties, yet have no organization in Quebec? As a Liberal supporter from la belle province, I am happy that Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast see that Prime Minister Stephen Harper did not keep his original campaign promise to clean up government. He didn’t make Parliament more transparent; in fact, he has done the complete opposite. The Liberal Party has the attention of Canadians; it’s time to wipe the smirks off of our faces, pull up our pant legs and get to work. Something that is slower than it should be in the battleground province of Quebec. It is with the slow moving and lethargic committees of the LPC(Q) and YLCQ that our vigor and potential growth are hindered. As someone who is not directly involved in any of these committees, I must ask: why haven’t we made inroads to significant communities in Quebec? Why aren’t we present at events around the province, or at least the Greater Montreal and Quebec City areas? Summer 2013 has now come to an end and it is disappointing to see that we are not further along than we were in April. One cannot fathom why there was no significant outreach to Quebecers this summer. There were no door-to-door blitzes organized in key ridings,no meet and greets with high-level party members, no membership drives, no community barbeques, no volunteer recognition ceremonies or any volunteer sign-up drives. Now is the time for the Liberals to firmly re-grow our roots within the province,… Read More