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Tyler James

Pursuit of Happiness saved America from Europe’s demise.

While the economic situation in America may be dire, the civil unrest and panic is nowhere close to that of Europe, and there is a reason why. No, Americans aren’t different people, but they have a different attitude. While Europeans—and even North American elites—have scoffed at the individualistic society that America has built, often times besmirching its perceived greed and extravagance, we are now seeing that the pursuit of happiness is a good motto to hold the seams of society together. The European entitlement model and the culture it bred seemed promising at the outset. Who wouldn’t want the government paying for you to live? Cradle to grave nanny state care looked like it would lead to a better life than that of worn-out Americans with their “careers.” Who really needs to get up at 5am to go to the office when you can just sit at home in a bubble bath and get high? And best of all, you will still make money! Yet you would have to be blind or stupid not to notice the dire consequences of the ideas embraced by Europe over the past couple decades. Socialism promised them the world, and now they are the embarrassment of the world. The riots and chaos in the streets of London weren’t the doings of a few select hoodlums, it was the result of the utopian dream that their government promised them years ago. The statist model, while proclaimed by the “experts” as the answer to the fluctuation and constant uncertainty of a market-based economy, is really a recipe not just for economic disaster, but cultural degradation as well. Why is it that there aren’t riots in the streets of the United States? Because they have avoided the temptation to dive into the pool of entitlements. Those ridiculous… Read More

James: Built Ford tough

It seemed as though, after the mayoral election, the elitist snobs known as Torontonian liberals decided to keep their opinions to themselves. After all, a man who could have run for congress as a Tea Party candidate in the United States did just shellac them in their own socialist city. But now, it seems like they've finally recovered from the hangover of the mayoral election last fall. They're back and they're bickering, this time louder than ever.As Mayor Ford attempts to sort out the city’s out-of-control spending and waste, the most entitled amongst us have come out of the woodwork, begging for more and more handouts. They cry about how much they care about services, even though none of these brats who turned out to voice their opinion to Mayor Ford this week have ever used a swimming pool, much less a public shower. For most of them, the only use they have for a public park is a sanctuary to smoke weed.And of course, it's not just the young “fight the man” communists who are making their voices heard, the media has also chimed in. Admittedly, it probably has been hard for them to suppress the urge to rant in rage in every single one of their columns and opinion pieces, but it looks like that anger has finally come to a boiling point.Just type “Mayor Ford” into your Google search and you're likely to get a bevy of articles about how Rob Ford is either in deep electoral trouble, or just a really mean man. Then, oddly enough, somehow the media critics find a way to link Mayor Ford's attempt to cut city spending to … wait for it …  Margaret Atwood. Making her reading mandatory in public schools just wasn’t enough (the kiddies would rather be reading… Read More
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