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Tyler James

A tough pill to swallow

There was a great scene in the all-time classic movie “The Bad News Bears” where Amanda (Tatum O’Neil) turns to coach Buttermaker (Walter Matthau) and says, “I know an 11 year old girl who is already on the pill!” This is followed by a death stare from Buttermaker, who replies, “Don’t you ever say that word again.” Back then, it was taboo to talk about birth control, and it seems that Republicans still don't want to talk about it today. But that won’t be good enough this election cycle. If Republicans lose the general election this fall, it won’t be because they were beaten by President Obama, it will be because they beat themselves. Needless to say, the election this November is an important one. It is a fight for the survival of the pre-Obama America, and a chance for the Republican Party to halt, and then possibly reverse, the Europeanization of the country. However, it seems that some conservatives aren’t up for this fight, or any other for that matter.On issues such as the economy Republicans clearly have a chance to hit the President hard, as the President’s approval rating on the economy is hovering around a pathetic 30%. On this issue, it seems that many conservatives are more than willing to take an aggressive stance against the President; but on other things, like social issues, the Republican Party cowers in a corner. President Obama thought that he could rope the Republicans into a debate about contraception by bringing it back onto the national stage. A smart move by the President, but only if Republicans choose not to take him on. It isn’t just about Republicans “taking the bait,” it’s about whether or not they are willing to fight Obama on the issue. If the Republican Party isn’t going to even respond to… Read More

Rush Limbaugh: 24 years as America’s anchorman

I used to believe everything that the media said about Rush Limbaugh. I used to believe that the radio talk show host, or “shock jock” as they call him, was an extremist, possibly a racist, and at most dangerous. I am ashamed that I fell for yet another shallow narrative from the media.During the 2008 election, when it seemed there was nowhere to escape the non-stop drooling over Obama, and the endless misrepresentation of the Reagan and Bush presidencies, I sought refuge in what Rush calls “the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced conservative studies”. I was warned by even those who didn’t hate Limbaugh to “be careful” listening to him, as though his show was some sort of Peter Popoff mind control scheme that would be inescapable.The late Andrew Breitbart, whose widow is the daughter of Orson Bean, recalled being appalled in his younger days that his soon to be father in law had Limbaugh’s book “The Way Things Ought to Be” on his bookshelf. “I was convinced to the core of my being that Rush Limbaugh was a Nazi, anti-black, anti-Jewish, anti- all things decent. [He] insisted that I listen to him again.” Andrew finally tried listening to Limbaugh after his FM dial turned too grunge for even his west Los Angeles ears, and found out that all the accusations about Rush were dead wrong.While the elite media may have you believe that only hicks in the sticks listen to El Rushbo, it actually takes an extremely astute political mind to listen to the show and comprehend exactly what is going on. Rush himself has said that you need a couple weeks of attentive listening until you begin to understand the sarcasm, the humor, and the objective.I have listened to other talk radio giants who walk in Limbaugh’s footsteps, but… Read More

Obamacare ruling will energize Romney’s base

If you go on youtube, you can find some fantastic clips of President, or then candidate Obama using the phrase “Fired up and ready to go” as a way to get his base excited. The day before the 2008 election, Obama was in Virginia holding a campaign/pep rally, where he ended the speech with a call and answer, shouting: “Are you fired up? Are you ready to go? One of the biggest problems with the McCain campaign (along with about 502 other problems) was that the conservative base was not fired up, and they weren’t ready to go. It seems that Mitt Romney has been facing some of the same problem, but if the conservative base wasn’t fired up and ready to go for Romney before, they certainly are now.The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the constitutionality of Obamacare in a 5-4 vote, tipped by the chief Justice John Roberts (a Bush appointee), has sparked an outrage across the country that may be relatively silent now, but will most definitely have the final say on November 6th.The problem that Mitt Romney has always had is that he cannot seem to energize the base in the same way that Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich could. He is seen by many conservatives as a moderate Republican who is willing to go along to get along in Washington. Basically, to them Mitt Romney is John McCain 2.0.These conservatives, made up of what many would call the tea party, have been for the most part unenthused about the prospect of a Romney presidency, and would only support him at the ballot box because the alternative of an Obama second term is far worse. So, if they weren’t busy on Election Day, they MIGHT get off the couch and vote for the Massachusetts moderate to be… Read More

Canada on the road to greatness under Harper

I know, people don’t want to make Canada Day political. They just want to be left alone to watch the fireworks, and drink their beer. But I’m here to tell you that this year, Canadians should stand a little prouder, and fly their flag a little higher, because Canada is kicking butt.The quiet, yet strong leadership that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has brought to this country has not only saved it from the economic disaster that is the European Union, but is slowly but surely walking Canada up the steps to the top of the world podium.Will Canada ever be a superpower? Probably not. The United States is having a tough enough time competing with China and Russia. But what Canada can become is an example to the world of how a nation can become great, even without anybody knowing about it.The world is now taking Canada seriously again. Before, people admired Canada…but now people respect Canada. Before, people knew Canada because of its polite people, great hockey players, and funny comedians. Now they know Canada as one of the few countries who has emerged from the economic crisis virtually unscathed, and in fact prospering.The world no longer views Canada as a push over, who placates to the UN and claims that its only identity is that “its not America”. Whomever thought that would be a distinguishing cultural distinction was really thinking outside the box.Before Stephen Harper, Canada was a good country, but not a great country. Its potential was being capped due to an ever growing government, an identity crisis which many people welcomed, and an unwillingness to do the heavy lifting required to establish world peace. There’s trouble in the middle -east? No problem, we will leave it to the Americans and Brits and then blame them when… Read More

The country Aaron Sorkin wished he lived in

I can never get mad at Aaron Sorkin. He brought me The West Wing, all 7 seasons that I can unapologetically say I have watched twice over. He brought me The Social Network, which I can apologetically say that I have watched maybe 7 times. And finally, he brought me Studio 60 on the Sunset strip, which I was never able to watch, because it was cancelled.I am a huge Aaron Sorkin fan, mostly because he writes stuff that I love, even though sometimes it is difficult to digest his snarky, elitist, incredibly fast paced dialogue. Do any real people actually talk like that to each other? While walking? I doubt it. But even still, watching Sorkin take a peek inside what the White House is actually like is a lot better than having to take a peak inside what Ozzy Osborne’s house is actually like.What Aaron Sorkin does, especially when it comes to his political works, is recreate the leaders he wishes America had. He makes sure they get elected by people who don’t exist, gives them problems that do exist, and then solves those problems the way he wants them solved. If President Bartlet was faced with a problem, it was often the exact same problem that faced President Bush during the time The West Wing was being written; the only thing that changed was the solution.I don’t want to put words in Sorkin’s mouth, but The West Wing was often times “What America would be like if stupid Republicans weren’t in charge”. Everything that Bartlet’s fictional White House represented was everything that Bush’s actual White House was not, or so it seemed.Sorkin is a genius who has created his own world on television. But it isn't one that everyone wants to live in. This is demonstrated by… Read More
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