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Tyler James

Amnesty spells “adios amigos” for GOP

To warn of the dangers for the Republicans going along with amnesty for illegal immigrants, I will first share a short story:Once upon a time there was a great state named California. This state gave the country Richard Nixon, whose reputation was damaged as he left office, but was strong enough to win a landslide national election. Then, they gave us Ronald Reagan- arguably the greatest conservative President in recent time. Reagan won two landslide national elections. California used to be a wonderful, warm, beach bordered red state with blue enclaves to balance things out. It was robust economically, and stable culturally. But a lot has changed since then.Today, the state of California is solidly blue, and it is never, ever coming back.What happened in the state of California wasn’t a sudden shift in ideology, but a shift in demographics. The Hispanic population in California went from 4.5 million in 1980, to 7.6 million in 1990, nearly 11 million in the year 2000, and finally- in 2010, there were 14 million Hispanics in the state of California.Compare these census statistics to the national election voting trends of the state. Between the 1980 election and the 1988 election, the Democrat vote in California mysteriously jumped from 36 percent for Jimmy Carter, to 48 percent for Michael Dukakis. In 1996, the Democrat share of the vote would jump to 53 percent for Bill Clinton, and finally in 2012- President Barack Obama would easily win California with 60 percent of the popular vote. There is a clear correlation between an increase in the Hispanic population and Democrat success at the voting booth. Thus the major push on the left for immigration "reform".What President Obama is setting out to do with immigration reform is turn the entire country into a humongous California.Its sad to… Read More

Why Background Checks Went Up in Flames

Obama lovers are really, really sad this week. Their wonder boy President lost a crucial battle over background checks on guns. But here’s the thing- it wasn’t that crucial. It was something that will make you all feel better: the bill was completely symbolic, and in the end-pointless.  There are two very simple reasons why the bill was defeated: politics, and relevance.To start, the only reason why there are so many people mad about this is not because it is a controversial issue- it’s because the President threw a hissy fit on the front lawn at the White House and it has gone viral. If the President had just declared defeat, and flew to Boston - nobody would care about how “broken” Washington is.The major reason why most Republicans voted against the bill was because of politics. No, they weren’t being “held at gunpoint by the NRA”, or beholden to “special interests”, they just know full well that there are 3 major issues coming down the pike this summer that they are going to have to take stances on: immigration, gay marriage, and gun control. Many of these Republicans, who were elected in very conservative districts, cannot afford to come out on the progressive side of all 3 issues - lest they risk their re-election chances. One senator is reported to have told the White House “Guns, gays, and immigration—its just too much. I can be with you on one of two of them, but not all three.”Of course, we always hear that politicians should vote their conscience and not worry about re-election. But if a Democrat senator in a moderate district votes the wrong way, he will likely lose the next election to a Republican. Then, instead of getting the left coming out on top in two of the… Read More

Personality Always Trumps Politics

I bet a friend of mine that Justin Trudeau would be Prime Minister of Canada within the next 5 years. Everyone whom I’ve shared this prediction with, both liberal and conservative have called me crazy. They say Trudeau is too young, too inexperienced, and riding on the coattails of his father. But in a world where personality trumps politics, those things don’t matter very much.The same reason Justin Trudeau will become Prime Minister is the same reason why Stephen Harper was elected Prime Minister- people liked his calm demeanor better than the snobbery and whining of the professorial Michael Ignatieff.I have previously written that the reason why President Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012 was because the United States of America is becoming more diverse, and more liberal. I may have to retract that statement, although I still believe that they could very well be true. The real reason that Obama was re-elected isn’t that America has become any more liberal; it is because liberals, conservatives, and most importantly apolitical people liked Obama’s personality better than Romney’s. They could relate with Obama more than they could with the richy rich media portrayal of the Republican Mitt Romney.Although a man who was once fiercely conservative is currently ruling Canada, the country itself is not fiercely conservative. It isn’t even “conservative”. If anything Canada is a centre-left country being governed by centre-right politicians. The reason for this is that most Canadians don’t vote based on politics or policy, they vote on personality.Conversely, the United States of America hasn’t become a liberal nation just because they have a liberal President. Travel anywhere in the country with the exception of the big cities, and you will find that the populace at large does not think the way their government does. America is still a… Read More

The Case for Mitt

I really don’t know what is going to happen on election night. I have said, since early last year- that President Obama would have a much tougher time getting re-elected than many people think. I have predicted that Mitt Romney will defeat President Obama with 295 electoral votes- only time will tell if that prediction holds true.Although the polls seem to be extremely close, one thing is clear- President Obama has had a steep fall over the past year. While this may be in part due to a lagging economy, and an unpopular healthcare bill- the erosion of Obama’s popularity and credibility is due in large part to one man: Mitt Romney.When Romney first clinched the nomination, even those in his own party had their doubts. He was seen by the conservative base as a compromising moderate, and he was seen by others as too stiff, and quiet frankly- too wealthy to care about middle class Americans, who’s vote he would need to win.Romney had few enthusiastic supporters, and even those who had endorsed him were quietly worried about his chances. They saw a President who was presiding over a slow economic decline of America, but they also saw a President who had one thing going for him: likeability. That one thing just happened to be one of Romney’s biggest downfalls at the outset, that no matter how much he tried to connect with real people- it always looked fake.In the summer, the Obama campaign seized what they viewed as an opportunity to bury Romney in a whole so deep, that there would be no way to climb out. While the President governed, his campaign team went into full attack mode, launching an ad blitz that criticized Romneys time at Bain Capital, even going as far as to imply that… Read More

“Cool” always wins

People are still trying to figure out why Mitt Romney lost the election. There are many scientific reasons for this, most importantly- the demographic changes taking place in America. But if you look back historically, the “cooler” candidate always wins.Many Americans are picking their President based strictly on personality. During the presidential debates, when President Obama was trying to defend his economic stewardship- they adored his perfectly shaped jaw and nice tie. When Romney was making the case for economic growth- they wondered why he was so stiff.It should be pointed out that this does not make America a “dumb” country. There are many Americans who have logical reasons for voting the way they do. The conservative movement, which consists of approximately 40 percent of the country, is for the most part educated and passionate about the issues. Liberal America, which at about 20 percent of the electorate is about half as large, yet also extremely well versed. However, it is the other 40 percent, those who are either apathetic or undecided who are much more likely to vote based on personality. The left used to say America was full of dumb people, but they’ve stopped saying that recently, since those very same people have elected and re-elected the greatest human being to ever walk the face of the earth, Barack Obama.But the 2012 election isn’t the start of this trend. Voting for cool is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it has decided the majority of the presidential elections dating back over 30 years. The cooler candidate always wins, regardless of his party.In 2008, there was no doubt that Obama was the cooler candidate going up against the old, slow, and at times angry John McCain. It was after 2004 that people began to realize that many Americans weren’t only… Read More
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