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Tyler James

Maybe Republicans didn’t lose 2012 after all

Remember how serious the 2012 presidential election was? Everyone was paying attention, even those who didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. The apolitical class saw it as a soap opera, while the politicos saw it as the future of the United States of America hanging in the balance. After all was said and done on November 6, 2012, President Obama and his group of supporters, consisting of staunch progressives and apathetic types who hated Republicans, came out on top. The gloating in the days following was hard to ignore. When Republicans win sweeping electoral victories, they carry on the next day as if there were no election at all. When Democrats win the White House, they spend the next year telling the Republicans why they lost. But, in the end, who really did win that night? There was a long, painstaking wait for Wolf Blitzer to finally declare that the wonder boy had been re-elected, and, when the announcement finally came, the stadium full of overly excited single moms in Chicago went absolutely wild. When the networks announced that the Republicans had held control of the House of Representatives, the nation let out a giant, collective “MEH…” at their TV screens. But, as we are seeing now, the GOP victory in the House of Representatives may have turned out to be the real reason for celebration that November night. Sure, the President has power, real power…leader of the free world power. But that power only works when there is a congress that is either on his side, or scared not to be. The current congress is neither, and that is why every single fight the President has picked in his second term from gun control to immigration reform have gone up in flames. When President Obama… Read More

Steve Jobs: a story of rugged individualism

On Thursday, the movie “Jobs” debuted in theatres. Ashton Kutcher does a phenomenal job of playing the late Apple visionary. Watching the film got me thinking about not just what a genius Jobs was, but the sort of country that allows a barefoot hippie to go from running a start-up in a small garage, to the CEO of the world’s most valuable company. Many may not know this, but America’s birth wasn’t a random happenstance like some other nations were. America was born of rebellion, and that rebellious nature is still alive in the fabric of the country - even if it seems to have dwindled out somewhat. But as the nation flirts with the European, collectivist model, it would serve them well to consider what made them the country what it is today. Rugged individualists built America. The idea that you could risk it all to gain it all is fundamental to the uniqueness of America. The inventions and innovations over the years didn’t happen because of some sort of grand government plan, but most of them were born from a single idea, by a single person, who had a vision for how to bring it to market. Many people cringe when they hear the phrase “American exceptionalism”. The outside world scoffs at the idea that Americans are somehow unique, or nobler than the rest of the world. And they’re right, Americans aren’t particularly special, but the American system on the other hand, is. Yet, these same people are the first to admit that the U.S.A is very different, and to them the traits that make America special are something to be shunned. But if you look further into it, you will find that the American idea of valuing the individual over the collective, is the single idea responsible… Read More

Harper should leave while he’s on top

There was a column written a couple weeks go titled “Why Harper should quit while he’s ahead”, and since great writers don’t copy other writers, they just steal from them outright, I am going to put my own spin on the same theme. If I were in Stephen Harper's shoes, I would resign. He came to Ottawa as a so-called radical Westerner with a goal, and that was to destroy the Liberal Party, and bring Canada a few feet to the right. Yes, I used feet because like Harper I think the metric system sucks. He has achieved both of those goals. The first accomplishment needs no explanation, other than to remind people that the Liberal Party was reduced to a pathetic number of seats in the last election, along with Harper kicking them out of the surrounding area of Toronto which was once solid red. On the latter, he has slowly but surely shifted Canada from a nation whose pride used to reside in hockey and being polite. Instead, Canada now has something real and tangible to boast about: a structurally sound economy, and a business friendly government to attract capital, and incentivize growth. I know liberals would have liked our reputation to be the only country to ban consumption of fossil fuels, but those days are over. Although Harper is somewhat of an academic, its hard to think that even he would want to spend another couple years in that political cesspool. Harper has the best job in the country, but you can only listen to left wing (and right wing) hacks yell at you for so long. Another 2 years of listening to Elisabeth May crowing from her perch? No thanks. If Harper left now, nobody would blame him. The left would say he’s scared of losing… Read More

GOP changes policies to appeal to those who don’t care about policies

There are a large number of Republicans who feel that the ONLY way they can win again nationally is if they support immigration reform. WRONG! As I have written about before, the majority of the American people either don’t have time, or are too ignorant to pay attention to national politics. Most people who vote in Presidential elections have no idea what the differences are between the two candidates, or the two Parties for that matter. What they vote on is personality. President Obama didn’t win re-election because the country agrees with him. America is still a centre-right nation full of people who rightfully believe that the government does too much. In the words of comedian Bill Maher “This is still the same Kentucky Fried country it has always been.” However, despite these personal beliefs, a lot of people don’t vote on them. They vote on who the more likeable candidate is. Political Scientists can bring out all the charts and graphs they want, and some of them may hold some interesting truths. I admit- I’m interested to hear their analysis of where the country is moving ideologically. But these sorts of trends are very hard to track, and thus very hard to measure. In order to understand the American electorate, you need to simplify things. Many times when analyzing election results, we over-think things way too much. What if Romney held a more liberal stance on immigration? What if Obama didn’t kill Bin Laden? What if Hurricane Sandy never touched the eats coast? A bunch of nauseating “what ifs”. Republicans today seem so caught up in completely overhauling their entire agenda in order to win again. Some of them are seeking to change their stance on immigration, going along with a “bipartisan reform”. But do they really think that… Read More

IRS scandal shows the horrors of big government

It has been a horrible start to the second term President Obama. First, he thought that the Republicans would bluff on the Sequester, and they didn’t. It turns out that the American people really don’t suffer that much when some of their so-called beloved services are taken away. Then, the President failed to get a firearm background check bill passed in his own Democrat controlled senate. Now, the scandals of Benghazi and IRS targeting of conservative groups are looming over his head.But when it comes to the IRS scandal, it isn’t really his fault. Although it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that Obama ordered the targets, we will never know if that is the case. The White House will do everything they can to hide the truth and the media won’t bother to dig for it. The Benghazi scandal is much more toxic for Obama himself, since there are still questions about why the security requests weren’t met, and the simpler question: where the heck was the President that night anyway?The reason why the IRS was able to act in this authoritarian way isn’t because Obama is a militant leftist in “centrist” clothing, it’s because the federal government apparatus has become so grotesque that these abuses are able to take place without the leader in the chain of command knowing anything about it.Former Obama aid David Axelrod has come to the Presidents defense by saying that the government is just far too vast for the President to be able to control such transgressions. Which is completely true, but the problem is, Axelrod and the President along with the Democrat party are the people who have been proponents of the expansion and growth of the federal government. Therefore, the Obama White House has become a victim of its own ideology.When conservatives… Read More
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