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Tyler James

Why I’m voting for Doug Ford

At the thanksgiving dinner table this weekend, the topic turned to politics. “So…who are you voting for?” A dreaded question that always instigates a fight, especially in my family of leftists. Much to my surprise, one of the most strident progressives said he was voting for Tory. I guess that tells you all you need to know about John Tory. Of course, when I revealed that I intended to vote for Doug Ford, there was shock and dismay. Loud gasps. Some spat out their food, and asked me to sit in the time out chair. At the liberal dinner table, revealing that you were having an extra marital affair would be met with empathetic understanding. But admitting to voting for Harris or Harper or worse- Ford, now that is reprehensible behavior. When the left end of the table finally caught their breath and asked me why I was committing such a felony, I have to admit- I really didn’t have much of an answer. Maybe its because the appeal of the Ford brand isn’t so much its ideology, but its populism. I once chastised these same family members for drooling over Barack Obama 6 years earlier. “He’s just so eloquent! And oh can he dance!” I was perplexed at how much support Obama received strictly based on his charisma alone. But here I was, admitting to myself that I was going to vote with my heart, and not with my head. Sure- policy is a factor. Ford is a conservative. He is for smaller government and lower taxes. But that doesn’t explain his appeal, and it’s not the reason I like him. There is something else at play, something more intangible. Something that is hard to describe, but easy to see. Maybe its too cliché to say that Ford is… Read More

Ontario isn’t Missouri

Just minutes after it was becoming evident that the Liberals would win yet another election in Ontario- one Liberal insider speaking on CTV commented on Tim Hudaks “far right” campaign, saying “that may work in Missouri, but not in Ontario.” No truer words were spoken the entire night. Everyone is going to say that Tim Hudak ran a bad campaign. They’re going to say that he shouldn’t have run on jobs, and that he should have run on…well, they don’t really know what, but something else! “He should have been more moderate!” “He should have been more principled!” “He should have been nicer!” “He should have worn different coloured ties!” There’s always a lot of chirping from the cheap seats after an election loss. The truth is, Tim Hudak ran a great campaign, and he said all the right things. He warned a province drowning in debt that they would need to make difficult decisions in order to balance the books. He warned that if businesses were taxed too much, it would be harder for them to grow and hire. But in a province swamped with civil servants, union loyalists, and committed liberal voters- none of that really matters. A Mitt Romney-like campaign ended up with a Mitt Romney-like result. Conservatives have a legitimate shot at winning on the national level because of the West. The plethora of conservative voters in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and even in certain areas of BC gave Stephen Harper a running start. For Harper, win a select number of ridings in Ontario, plus those Western strongholds, and you’re golden. But in a province wide election in Ontario, the numbers are stacked against the Tories, with major city liberal domination too big of a deficit to overcome. Remember- rocks don’t vote. How then, many ask- did the… Read More

The far left will never be satisfied with Obama

One of the best things about the election of Barack Obama in 2008 was that we would finally stop hearing Michael Moore blab on about how America sucks. We would finally stop hearing other Hollywood blowhards making political speeches at the Oscars. The racial tensions would be elevated, and in the words of Obama himself “the rise of the oceans will begin to slow, and our planet will begin to heal”. Those were the days! But even after their wonder boy President was elected, and then re-elected fairly convincingly by the American electorate, they still aren’t happy. What does it take to please them? There is no way that just by electing one man to the White House, everything was going to be fine. No, the truth is the left was never happy with Obama, at least the hard left. The Michael Moore’s, the Bill Maher’s, they never did think Barack was one of them. That’s where you have got to feel for the President. He has a base of lunatics who will never be satisfied. Obama may be a man of the left, but he certainly knows that he can’t govern from the left, not in America. Maybe if he were President of France, but not the United States. Obama is smart enough to realize that turning America into Greece can’t happen overnight, never mind in 8 short years, no- that is a lifelong project- continually being interrupted and beaten back by those mean, heartless, dim witted, evil Republicans. The feat of being labeled dim-witted and evil at the same time is one that only a conservative could pull off. If you were to read Michael Moore’s diary in late 2008, you would see a lengthy laundry list of socialist pipe dreams that had just made the leap from… Read More

Goodbye to the Happy Warrior Jim Flaherty

Of all the touching tributes to Jim Flaherty that have flooded over the newswires the last several days, one seemed to stick out among them all. Andrew Coyne called the late Finance Minister “one of the last happy warriors in our politics…” Well put. Happy warrior has been a term used to describe those in the political arena who seem to get a certain joy out of both the joust of debate, and the art of building relationships. They are the types of leaders who throw zingers at the opposition with a twinkle in their eye. They are the types of leaders who clink swords with the opposition by day, and clink glasses by night. It was what made men like Ralph Klein, Ronald Reagan, and Alfred E. Smith who they were. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Flaherty twice. The first was at a Golf Club near his home riding, where the Prime Minister was stopping by to speak to some GTA Conservatives. After the speech, I found Flaherty on the balcony, chit chatting with anyone who was around. In a room full of movers and shakers- Flaherty was by far the smartest, and by far the most powerful person in the room, but you would never know it- because he wasn’t in any hurry to let you know. In a world where so many politicians claim to be “the common man”, with Flaherty- everyone just knew. There was no aura of superiority, no haughtiness, no pretention at all. He had time for you- regardless of who you were. He was a man who felt equally comfortable on Bay Street as he did on Main Street. The second time I met Jim was when he came to visit Western University in my first year here. The UWO Conservatives… Read More

Christie victory shows that personality matters

Last night, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie won a landslide re-election victory with 60 per cent of the vote. This is an incredible accomplishment, considering that he received less than 50 per cent of the vote in his first win four years ago. In addition to that, Christie is a conservative running in a deep blue state a Republican hasn’t won nationally since Ronald Reagan in 1984. Still, the national media is ignoring the Christie win and shifting their attention to the narrow Democrat victory over a tea party candidate in Virginia, thus creating the narrative that Christie won by being a “moderate” while Cuccinelli lost by being “conservative.” Chris Christie didn’t win by being a “moderate,” and Cuccinelli didn’t lose by being “conservative.” Christie won by being an appealing personality, along with, yes, a conservative agenda. I suppose you could consider Christie a moderate when comparing him to Ted Cruz, but Ted Cruz is a senator from a conservative area in a conservative state. Chris Christie is the governor of a blue state, and has to deal with a Democrat-controlled legislature. The label of “moderate” people attach to Chris Christie is similar to that which people attach to Mitt Romney. On paper, Mitt Romney was the most conservative candidate on the stage in the Republican primaries. No other candidate in the primaries had as tough of an immigration policy as Romney, and no Republican politician in the history of the Republic has been able to balance a state budget without raising taxes, not even Ronald Reagan. While Rick Perry touted his worthy record of job creation in Texas, a red state for eight presidential elections and counting, Romney had to defend the same record of conservative success in a state that hasn’t voted for a Republican for President since… Read More
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