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The Veritas Forum: Is Evolution compatible with religion?

Jonathan Simmons – AtheistModern science is not so modern; its seeds were planted in the same soil that once gave life to countless dead gods and failed religions. The believers that remain, heads bowed in supplication to a myriad of tyrannical deities, are as diverse as the countless transitional forms and series that dot the fossil record. Domesticated by the pressures of modernity, the three pillars of Abraham would no doubt look on with disappointment at how malleable their sheep have become, some of whom toil away in laboratories, accepting of both divine providence and descent with modification.Is religion compatible with evolution? Just as Young Earth creationists do not represent all of Christendom, Jesus is one of many prophets to tickle the human desire for myth and metamorphosis around the world. Beyond the suffocating polemics of the desert religions, the hollering turns to muttering, if not outright silence.Anureet Kaur - SikhSikhism does not really believe in evolution. Sikhs believe that God created the universe and galaxy. It is not mentioned in our holy book whether the universe was created in weeks or months. All that we know is that God created the universe. To us, it does not really matter as to when, how or why the universe was created; all that matters is that we should attain salvation and be ONE with God. We truly believe in “Creation,” not “Evolution.”David Kralt - ChristianGod’s word (the Bible) cannot be contrary to His world. If both the fossil record and the scientific method lead to the conclusion that macroevolution has occurred (neither of which do in my opinion) then the initial chapters of the Bible need to be interpreted accordingly. To refute this by stating that evolution has required too much unnecessary violence to possibly be the product of a divine hand… Read More