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The McGill Office of Sustainability

Winners of the 3rd Annual Catalyst Awards

On Wednesday April 3rd, the McGill Office of Sustainability hosted its third annual Catalyst Awards, recognizing students and staff for their contributions to sustainability at McGill. The nominations featured a diverse range of projects and initiatives from around the campus. This year, the Awards ceremony celebrated the following winners:Samra Lakew (Catalyst Award for Student Collaboration on Sustainability with the Administration)Samra co-founded McGill’s Team for the Solar Decathlon Competition, a competition involving 20 intercollegiate teams individually designing and building a fully functional, net-zero energy solar house to offer sustainable solutions for the housing market. She co-founded the team in early 2011 and quickly gained the support of 100 students, merging the team with another from École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). With the support of Professor Goshal, Associate Dean of Student Affairs from civil Engineering, Professor Covo of the architecture faculty and Professor Daniel Forgues of ETS, the team began work on the proposal to be submitted for entry.Her team autonomously developed the knowledge and resources required to build an ecological house, began fundraising efforts, gained support from the Montreal Biosphere for $300,000 and made efforts to integrate students from multiple faculties into the project. This project will continue to educate engineers and open careers in sustainable development to McGill students.William Agnew (Catalyst Award for Applied Student Research (ASR) on Sustainability)William’s involvement began when he volunteered with the Food System Project, working on local food, food procurement and transparency in McGill food system. In 2010, a McGill School of Environment applied student research group, including Will and seven other students, started researching sustainable seafood certifications and criteria. The group suggested several sustainable seafood certifications, including the Marine Stewardship Certification. Since then, MFDS has shifted completely to only purchasing seafood with recommended criteria. In 2012 William took on the role as advisor and… Read More