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TPAH in Parliament

Everyone here at the Prince Arthur Herald team would like to extend an enthusiastic thank you to MP Rob Anders for his kinds words about the Herald in Parliament on February 2nd. During Member’s Statements, Mr. Anders extended congratulations to the Prince Arthur Herald in honour of its founding. Here is the transcript of Mr. Anders’ speech:“Mr. Speaker, I would like to congratulate the students at McGill University for founding The Prince Arthur Herald. This newspaper was founded last month and promises to be a beacon of freedom.…All Canadians, including myself, can be proud of the principles this paper seeks to promote. These include: a dedication to the free-market system that has provided Canadian society with wealth, prosperity and opportunity for all; the belief in the limitation of state regulation to only the most fundamentally necessary aspects of Canadian life; the freedom of speech and expression, particularly in Canadian political life; along with a belief in a strong and viable national defence to secure the safety of Canadians.Once again, I would like to congratulate The Prince Arthur Herald, and I look forward to the wealth that this nation shall derive from its moral sentiments.”Thank you Mr. Anders. We hope the Herald lives up to your words, and we hope to continue being a “beacon of freedom”. Thank you as well to our readers, without whom this newspaper would not be possible. We look forward to even greater debates in the months ahead.All the best,The Herald Staff Read More