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Simon Leduc

Interview with Stockwell Day

Stockwell Day was the leader of the Canadian Alliance, a conservative political party, from 2000 to 2001. He was the leader of the official opposition during the government of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. During the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mr. Day was Minister of Public Safety, Minister of International Trade and President of the Treasury Board. Some observers have said that he was one of the most solid ministers of the Harper Cabinet. In the 2011 federal election, he decided that he would not seek re-election. He agreed to answer our questions. Simon Leduc: According to you, what will history remember from the period of Stephen Harper as the prime minister of Canada? Stockwell Day: Stephen Harper's legacy is already secure in history. Among the things that history will recall, he was able to pull two very difficult parties together, into what is now the Conservative Party of Canada. He won three elections in a row to form government each time, the final time being a majority government. It had many accomplishments: • His fiscal policy of short-term quantitative easing following the worst recession in history, 2008, and then a program of reducing taxes and balancing the budget led to the most robust economy among all G8 countries, with the best record on full-time job creation. • More free trade deals were negotiated and concluded while he was prime minister than at any other time in Canada's history. • He was acknowledged by the United Nations for Canada's record-breaking donations to Third World countries, especially in the fields of infant and maternal health. He was also acknowledged by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for Canada's work in this area. • He was the first prime minister to apologize to First Nations peoples for the residential schools tragedy,… Read More

Pierre-Karl Péladeau will be a PQ candidate in St Jérôme

The Prince Arthur Herald’s French news team has learned that Pierre- Karl Peladeau will most likely run under the PQ banner in the riding of Saint- Jerome. A PQ source familiar with the case confirmed the rumour. Our source also told us that Mr. Peladeau made ​​a speech with a nationalist flavour to the Chamber of Commerce of St. Jerome in November, which only further shows his interest for the riding. PKP is the vice-chairman of the board and ex-CEO of Québecor Inc., a Quebec communications company that owns Videotron and Sun Media. Although Québecor and the PQ are denying this story, the sympathies of PKP for the independence movement and the Parti Québécois are well known. This fall, he participated in a PQ ministerial committee. The Liberal leader Philippe Couillard was concerned about the proximity between the businessman and the Parti Québécois. His appointment to the chairmanship of the Board of Hydro -Québec has been criticized by the opposition. The arrival of Mr. Peladeau could give a serious boost to Ms. Marois and Nicolas Marceau on the economic front. His candidacy could lead to a closer relationship between the Marois government and the business community . Over the years, the PQ has relied on competent and experienced MNAs and ministers for economic issues notably: Jacques Parizeau , Bernard Landry, Jacques Léonard, François Legault, etc. Recruiting PKP could convince other economists to join the PQ and give it back its nobility of yesteryear. At the elections of September 4, 2012, the Parti Québécois lost the St. Jérôme riding (formerly the riding of Prévost) to the CAQ and its star candidate Jacques Duchesneau by less than 1,000 votes. A PQ victory in this riding could give the party enough momentum to obtain a majority. If Mr. Duchesneau decides to represent himself at… Read More