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Shelly Kubik

Our Rights are Violated

Results of the vote on BDS at Concordia University were revealed on 05 DEC as follows: YES: 1276; NO: 1067; Abstain: 237 Supporters of BDS at Concordia University claim to stand up for human rights and denounce those who violate them, but what about my human rights? The answer is clear: they have been violated. Tension is already wide-spread on Concordia’s campus. Hatred is being diffused on social media by active members of the ASFA, specifically by one particular individual who has taken the liberty to personally attack members who stood against the BDS movement on campus. The VP academic of SOPHIA (philosophy students association) has explicitly taken hateful, offensive and vulgar measures violating the rights of the “No to BDS” campaign, through false and severe accusations. The VP publicly disclosed the names of the leaders of the “No to BDS” campaign, in addition to sharing their personal pictures, without their consent. Moreover, the VP made hateful comments asserting that, “quite frankly you are pro-Apartheid supporters”, accusing the members of the “no” campaign of being “very firmly and publicly racists”. This representative added that, “what you fail to understand is that you aren't being singled out because you are Jewish, or even because you believe so fiercely in the state of Israel, but because you support apartheid and managed to twist your sadistic idea of killing Muslims into a concern of academia”. The VP concluded the statement by claiming that the “no” committee is “being singled out as racist”, saying that, “this is hilarious, because it saves me a lot of work”. I was distraught reading through these allegations and through these defamatory comments, which affect the reputations of the members of the “no committee”. The idea of having such an individual in power is sickening. More upsetting is the… Read More

Students Refuse to be Singled Out by BDS at Concordia University

Counting of the votes on BDS at Concordia University has been suspended due to potential violations. My name is Shelly Kubik and I am an Israeli-Jewish student at Concordia University in Montreal. When the BDS campaign first begun on November 11th, in a referendum question at Concordia, students were asked whether they approved “of the Concordia Student Union (CSU) supporting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement which calls for the boycott of all academic and consumer ties with any institution or company that aids in Israel’s occupation of Palestine”. Let me begin by stating that the question in itself is problematic and ambiguous. Ten days later, the question had been modified, completely changing the meaning of the “Yes to BDS” campaign’s mission. The leading members of the CSU such as the president and the clubs director have clearly expressed their supportive position of the BDS movement, which clearly demonstrates their bias on the matter. The councillors of the CSU who play an important role in the functioning of the union have also shown their bias through social media. In this piece I am determined to call out the bias and the indiscretion of CSU in these past weeks. Given my position as the chair-person of the “Vote no to BDS” campaign, my answer to the question is obvious, but here are the reasons why Concordia students were strongly encouraged to also vote “no” to BDS on November 25, 26, and 27. First and foremost, the “no” campaign ran on the mere principle that CSU has no place in taking a political stance on such a delicate topic — or any topic that does not serve or enrich the quality of our students’ university experience at Concordia. Furthermore, let me stress the belief that the CSU should not, under any… Read More