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Samantha Lui

Are women too picky, or are men not trying hard enough?

Most women want to have the perfect marriage proposal.  But what happens when it doesn’t turn out the way they planned?According to surveys conducted by Men’s Health Magazine and, one in four women did not like their marriage proposals.  As a matter of fact, 26% of the 1,353 brides who took the Proposal Survey on said they wished their proposals had been more romantic and regretted that the moment was not more original, more private or not so over-the-top.Reading these statistics, I was actually quite shocked and peeved by how picky some women can be.Speaking from a young woman’s perspective, I know for a fact that most women anticipate that the magical moment when their boyfriend pops the question will be perfect.  It’s unfortunate, because a lot of women seem unable to recognize the fact that popping the question is already a special feat on its own.  Instead, they play out their own little fantasies – planning out what they’ll wear, where the location will be, or when the ultimate moment will come.Ladies, if this is the case, you’re in for a letdown.  Life does not play out like a romantic comedy, and nor are most men (or perhaps any men) as flawless and exotic as Edward Cullen.  Yes, it doesn’t hurt to have these fantasies about getting married and ending up with Prince Charming, but how far can these daydreams go?  A line must be drawn between what is real and what is not.For me, I’m not a girl who likes to build up these over-the-top expectations that my marriage proposal will be the greatest moment of my life.  In fact, knowing me, I’ll probably be the one who ruins it by saying something awkward or tripping over my own feet.  If it doesn’t end up the way… Read More