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Roy Rogers

Putting the MUNACA strike in perspective

The Library Jerk is a rare but nonetheless familiar character on  campus. He is the guy who finds himself in the library either to make a feeble attempt at studying or to take out a book solely to be included in an essay’s bibliography. But more often than not, the emergence of the Library Jerk is completely unintentional; he got lost on his way to meet his boys for jäger-bombs.If you don't know what I'm talking about, look out for the inordinately loud and obnoxious student roaming the racks and clamoring in the cubicles. He can be spotted as the gelled-haired fellow who cackles while watching Jackass on Youtube, blares electro-house beats from his headphones, crunches on spicy Doritos and after letting his phone ring, picks up and says “Hey bro! Yeah, I can talk…”He makes those around him cringe and sneer to the point that even the most patient Buddhist Monk feels like dealing him a much deserved ass kicking. But as much as we universally despise those who disrupt places reserved for silence, I sympathize with the Library Jerk for the unfair double standard that has taken hold of McGill.Just the other day, I was trying to study in the McLennan Library but I couldn’t concentrate with the constant blowing of whistles, clanging of bells, banging of drums, trumpeting of horns and relentless screeching and screaming. I thought to myself, “did the Library Jerk’s steroid use transform him into an annoying Frankenstein of monstrous proportions?”I looked at the other students around me to find common outrage over the audible unruliness. Much to my surprise, however, it was as though I was the only one who could hear the pandemonium. My peers were just sitting there as if the ruckus was nothing but the squeak of a church mouse.When… Read More