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Ronan Wright

The Adventures of Tin Tin

Directed by Steven Spielberg     Starring Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Daniel Craig      107 minutes  When intrepid reporter and popular Belgian sweater enthusiast Tin Tin comes across a mysterious model ship at a market stall, he and his faithful canine companion Snowy are caught up in an exciting and dangerous race against time to uncover the secret of the Unicorn. Accompanied by the hapless detectives Thomson and Thompson and the intoxicated mumblings of the colourfully uncouth Captain Haddock, Tin Tin goes after the scoop of a lifetime and investigates the history behind a Haddock family mystery, while avoiding - with questionable success - a premature death at the hands of sinister goatee-sporting antique dealer, Ivanovich Sakharine.Anyone with even a passing interest in comic books couldn't help but be impressed by the talent lining up to interpret and translate Hergé 's classic war-time comic strip adventures into this jaw-dropping 21st century motion capture 3D epic that crashes cinemas before Christmas. Director Steven Spielberg - a relative rookie in the animation department - has teamed up with CG wizard Peter Jackson (producing this time round) to recreate Hergé 's hand drawn hero in scintillating 3D with enough computer generated buffoonery and heartfelt Indiana Jones-inspired adventure to get the festive film season off to a jolly old start.Jackson's digital effects workshop WETA, responsible for the revolutionary motion performance innovations behind The Lord of the Rings and King Kong, have raised the bar once again to give Spielberg's boyish enthusiasm for "unapologetic shameless adventure" a gorgeous vitality, bringing Hergé 's creation to life in vivid detail with truly breathtaking visuals. Never before have digital effects looked quite so special.Putting their talent where their mouths are, Spielberg's crew of distinguished cast members collectively boast an impressive resume as a ballet dancer, a double agent and a… Read More