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Richard at Eye on a Crazy Planet

Why is the Toronto District School Board promoting a fixation on race?

In contrast to prevalent attitudes of just a couple of generations ago, no one now could express the idea that a person should be judged on the basis of their skin color or ethnicity without annihilating their credibility.  While racism continues to be a pernicious blight in some quarters, most of us understand that viewing people within the framework as members of a racial group rather than simply as individuals is an unintelligent misconception that has been responsible for some of the worst crimes and tragedies of the last 200 years. Unfortunately, that lesson appears to be lost on the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), which, at great taxpayer expense, is importing an American author who believes we do not focus enough on race, to be the keynote speaker at an upcoming teachers’ conference.  Tim Wise is one of the confirmed speakers at the TDSB’s Equity in Education conference to be held in May, who in his book Color Blind, argues that in order to combat racism, we need... more racism! Sadly, that kind of destructive, irrational methodology is completely in line with the type of thinking that saturates educational approaches in Ontario.Wise and his followers apparently believe that it is completely acceptable to discriminate against one group of people based on nothing other than their skin color. He is a purveyor of “white privilege” and whiteness theories that infect Equity programs and do nothing but perpetuate racism. Because it follows to reason that as long as you can stigmatize one group because of their pigmentation, regardless of the motive, racism is an acceptable value.Wise is right about one thing. He has pointed out that there’s no such thing as a “White race” or for that matter a “Black race”; a concept that is merely a construct and outgrowth of colonial slavery.  But rather than refute discrimination on the basis of pigmentation, which should… Read More