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Raphael Uribe

PGSS Food Crawl 2015: Any Epicurean Sunday

On a bright Sunday morning, a group of graduate students made their way around the Plateau inches by inches, to five different restaurants as part of the Food Crawl organized by Post Graduate Student Society (PGSS) of McGill. Now, this isn’t comparing a Sunday morning food crawl to an Al Pacino-esque game of football. However, the gluttonous degustation that occurred was done with such a motivation that I am sure people will be back for more. This is definitely an experience that I highly recommend for any food lover. Any person that is new to Montreal should expand their culinary horizons, as this is the perfect city in North America to do so.   The first stop on this infamous food crawl was Cacao 70. What awaited us there was a waffle with cream, a marshmallow a strawberry and all that drizzled in chocolate. It was quite a sweet start but a fantastic way to kick off the adventure. For any who crave chocolates and pancakes, this place is the place to be downtown. It is a refreshing comforting experience that any student would crave. For all living in the McGill Ghetto this place is on Parc and so only a couple of minutes walk which makes comfort also that much closer. I would recommend giving this one a try that you will never regret.   The second stop was Lola Rosa on Parc Avenue. The walk on the way there burnt off all the calories from Cacao 70. Our long march took about a quarter of an hour. Once at Lola Rosa a nice and very refreshing glass of homemade Iced Tea awaited us.  Our little treat also included a small portion of chilli to go, which was tasty, and a very healthy change. Lola Rosa is a fully… Read More

RIP Deflategate, Tom Brady is back and angry

On Thursday September 3rd Judge Richard Berman annulled the NFL’s decision to suspend Brady for four games of the regular season. This was a major turning point for Tom Brady, the Patriots and the NFLPA. Goodell was made to look like a fool and will be damaging to him personally and to his legacy as NFL Commissioner. This brings an end to much speculation and debate surrounding Brady’s guilt.    Starting from May 11th of this year when the suspension had been announced till now debates had been all over sport networks as to the future and legacy of Tom Brady. The debate had centered on Brady’s supposed knowledge of footballs being deflated by a Patriots staffer. There was no smoking gun from the beginning. However “Independent” NFL investigator though otherwise and claimed Brady knowing about the incident was “more probable than not” knowing. This claim isn’t even a legal standard to assume guilt, which is what Judge Berman picked apart in the initial court hearings.   Brady throughout this quagmire of events was getting angrier and angrier at the league and undoubtedly at Commissioner Goodell. As Adam Schein from ESPN said, “be prepared for the biggest middle finger tour in sports history” from Tom Brady. Schein is spot on and I see this as 2007 all over again after Spygate. Brady has brought down the Commissioner and now he is going to wreck this whole league up this season. Brady is the best quarterback in this league when playing angry.   The AFC East has had a major upgrade this season; I wouldn’t be surprised if it overtakes the AFC North as the toughest division in the conference. The Patriot’s defense doesn’t appear as potent as last seasons. No more Revis or Browner at cornerback. That tandem is no… Read More

Deflategate, a joke that shouldn’t be taken seriously

Before I start writing I would like to say with full disclosure that I am a Patriots fan. On Monday the NFL dropped a hydrogen bombshell that had not been seen since the 2012 Bountygate scandal involving the Saints. The NFL had decided to crucify the greatest player that had ever set foot on the gridiron. The Ted Wells report laid bare its findings and opinions that were used to give a sort of death penalty to the Patriots. Did I find it right? Was the punishment acceptable? Not in a million years. This was probably the single greatest blunder the NFL had ever done. I am talking as bad as Napoleon invading Russia. The renowned Deflategate scandal is not serious and I do not believe in the bottom of my heart that it damages the game of football. Why? Simple, just ask every quarterback in the league that has a had football inflated a particular way. All quarterbacks like having a certain feel to the ball. That is not a hidden secret to anyone in the league, from coaches to equipment managers to even the NFL Commissioner himself. The game of football has had much tampering in the past. I believe if you asked Hall of Fame receiver Fred Biletnikoff of the Oakland Raider how he caught so many passes in his career he would refer to the “Stick Em” he used on his hands. Did the league come down on him? Absolutely not. The great Warren Moon, who was the first African American Quarterback had said “ Quarterbacks have been doctoring balls when I was in the league”. Therefore, why is the league focusing on this? I still do not understand. This past NFL season has seen much publicity on the issues of domestic abuse. In the light… Read More

Homage to the McGill Fencing Team

The McGill Fencing Team is one of the oldest sport clubs at McGill, if not the oldest. It has a long history of producing very skilled competitors and athletes in the three different weapons (Epee, Saber and Foil). Fencing is a sport that flies under the radar at McGill in comparison to football, hockey or even soccer. As McGill Fencing is not considered a Varsity team it doesn’t receive the monumental funding that the Redmen football team gets. However, it achieves a great deal of success that also goes mostly unnoticed. Last year at the RMC Teams Fencing tournament the McGill Fencing team won gold in the men’s Sabre event and in the women’s Epee event. Those results were no small accomplishment especially since there were over sixty-four teams competing at that event. The McGill Fencing team did not receive any coverage from those results but I would like to go on record and say that McGill should congratulate those achievements. The fencing club today has a wonderful executive led by Daxen Hsu as its president. It is a well-run club that furthers people’s interests and skills in fencing. Anyone is welcome to come and fence on a weekday; the club is well suited for people’s different skill levels. Furthermore, the club also prepares anyone for competition and offers a variety of training sessions. David Borel, a physics major said that he had “ never touched a sword before” and has “since gotten better over time”. Borel credits the more experienced fencers for helping the less experienced ones during training sessions, which foster this collaborative atmosphere. This adds to the friendly environment that everyone benefits from at the club. Overall fencing at McGill is a fantastic experience that I would highly recommend for all students. For all those who grew… Read More

A Look at Irish Rugby

This Years Rugby RBS 2015 Six Nations Tournament Champions This year was Ireland’s year to celebrate and put them in pole position for a three-peat. Ireland’s depth of talent made them a tough opponent and one that could see itself establish a dynasty at the top of European rugby. Irish rugby clubs never stop performing and producing players that the national team undoubtedly benefits from. Furthermore, new leaders are emerging within the team, which is also a massive benefit. Since the departure of Brian O’Driscoll Ireland have been searching for an emblematic figure of leadership. Fortunately Paul O’Connell has emerged as a strong leader and a rallying point for the Irish rugby team. His domination has also earned him the player of the tournament. With over a hundred and one caps to his name O’Connell has a multitude of experience from different levels of the game. He has won European awards at the club and international level and has also been part of the famous Lions team twice. Ireland’s captain is definitely not going unnoticed in the eyes of others. Ireland’s new head coach Joe Schmidt had a very successful time at Irish club Leinster and already new well some of the national team players. He developed many of them into international caliber players. His reputation as a stern disciplinarian has made Ireland a strong and organized opponent. Schmidt has won two European cups at the club and at the International level. There is no other coach in Europe presently who has as much dominance as he has. Not even Wales’s Warren Gatland has that pedigree. Schmidt’s predecessor Declan Kidney did provide a foundation for the team but lacked that aggressive edge, this is why he was eventually fired two years ago. The Irish have got plenty of luck that… Read More
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