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Randy Hillier

Randy Hillier: Union corruption and Florida vacations

Imagine that you are required to donate your hard-earned money towards a charity with every paycheck you earn as a condition of your employment. You are led to believe that your donation is justified for the greater good for yourself and your colleagues. However, you have no means of verifying whether your money went to the desired cause because this charity does not publicly disclose any of their financial reports. Now imagine that one day you pick up a copy of your local paper only to discover that the administrator for this charity had squandered your money on lavish expense accounts and vacations for him and his family to Disney World rather than furthering the goals of this charity.The actions of this charity and executive administrator would be illegal here in Ontario, because the law requires all charities to disclose their financial transactions to prevent fraudulent activity.But if we reread the first paragraph replacing the word “charity” for “union,” we arrive at a completely different situation. Not only are these actions legal when done by a union executive here in Ontario, but they are also condoned and rewarded by the union. This exact story made the front page of a major Toronto newspaper twice in the past two weeks.Although I’m appreciative of the press’ discovery that union executive John Mandarino was rehired as the head administrator of the Labourers International Union of North America Local 183 Training Centre, it shouldn’t be left up to the press to reveal the seedy and shady financial practices of a public organization, or the obvious misuse of union dues. And it should certainly not be the duty of the press to reveal this blatant waste of tax dollars that the labour union has received from the McGuinty Government; we have legions of bureaucrats and ministers… Read More