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QPIRG Opt-Out campaign

QPIRG Opt-Out’s letter to the McGill community

To the McGill undergraduate community,Every year, the Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) relies on hundreds of thousands of dollars of your money to promote its politics. But fortunately, you have a choice: you can opt out of paying for QPIRG.You can refuse to fund a group which considers Canada an “apartheid state” and celebrates “anti-Canada Day.” You can refuse to fund a group which has supported calls for Hezbollah – militants who deliberately target civilians – to be removed from Canada’s list of terrorist organizations. You can refuse to fund a group which urges McGill students to involve themselves in the “militant student movement in Quebec.” These are just a few examples. But in short, you can refuse to fund causes you object to and beliefs you find repugnant.Established some 23 years ago, QPIRG was supposed to conduct research on issues of public concern and undertake appropriate public action. It has failed in that mandate. Rather than promoting causes that the majority of McGill students can support, QPIRG exploits unawareness of the opt-out system to fund its extreme politics. And QPIRG knows this. That’s why they have consistently opposed your right to opt-out, threatening McGill’s administration with legal action to take it away.We do not wish to attack the laudable causes that QPIRG has funded. But unfortunately, only QPIRG decides which groups receive your money – and many, if not most, do not fit that description. Though QPIRG claims to pursue “social justice,” its actions and beliefs make a mockery of the term.We should also be clear that we do not support opting out of fees that positively contribute to student life on campus. We encourage students who disagree with QPIRG – a substantial if often silent majority at McGill – to take their money back.Remember: this semester, you… Read More