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Piotr Pietruczuk

Obama: the food stamp President

Being born in America, I was provided many opportunities that my parents were never given growing up in Communist occupied Poland. America is as beautiful of a country as it gets, for it provides equal opportunity for people of all backgrounds. My parents and millions of other immigrants came to America to prosper and live better lives than they could otherwise have afforded for themselves back home. They truly personified the American Dream for what it’s worth, taking their newly acquired freedoms to heart and giving back to society.Unfortunately, America has drifted away from the notion of “hard work pays off,” and instead has opted to immerse in a never-ending basin of government provided entitlements.  The most prominent concern is the rising amount of users registered in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP, formally known as the Food Stamp Program, aims to provide financial aid to low-income families through federal dollars. While the program has helped many people get back on their feet, a vast amount of users abuse the system, and make little to no effort to actively seek employment. According to, food stamp use has risen from 31.9 million in January 2009 when Obama took office, to an astounding 47.1 million as of November, 2012.  Shockingly, this number exceeds the population of 24 states combined!The problem isn’t being mediated as much as it is being prolonged. Just recently, Corey Booker, the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, proclaimed a food stamp challenge “which requires him to live for one week on a food budget equal to that of a New Jersey resident on SNAP,” according to, a far left media outlet. Sadly, the food stamp budget has quadrupled in the past decade, as SNAP is even breaching the lives of people who say they do not… Read More