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Montreal Fashion – A discussion with WRKDEPT

This year’s Fashion Festival in Montreal had WRKDEPT open the show August 19th, and the PAH was there to cover it. Andy Long Hoang, fashion photographer and designer, is the man behind it all. WRKDEPT keeps within the philosophy of relatable and wearable clothing. In the new collection, Andy moves in the direction of sustainable fashion by using recycled denim which he bleached and distressed with the help of his creative collective. The WRKDEPT show shared the stage with DJ Ryan Playground electrifying the event. And despite having just wrapped up the show, Andy appeared approachable and relaxed. He invited us to sit on a grassy hill behind the backstage for our discussion.     Who is WRKDEPT?   ALH: WRKDEPT is more of a collective. We collaborate with a lot of artists. First season we collaborated with Loïc Bard, he’s the one that made the wood necklaces and the sandals. And the second collection we collaborated with Maude Nibelungen. She is the one that made all the knit wear. And the new one for spring summer 2016, I’m working with a 3D printer shoes designer in London.   What about the music? How do you incorporate that and work with the DJs? ALH: We have a music program on the website, it is a part of WRKDEPT and we collaborate with different artists, DJs, singers and producers.       How has WRKDEPT developed over time?  ALH: WRKDEPT started as a T-shirt brand. I started with T-shirt design, after receiving a lot of feedback, we started producing collections. The first one was last year, for Spring-Summer 2015. We attended TOM fashion week in Toronto. We are starting to produce ready to wear, accessories, shoes etc.   How do you combine fashion, art and design in your pieces? ALH: I think they… Read More