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Shame on Reuters

Originally published by Global Voices Online, a website that translates and reports on blogs from around the world.Many people were shocked to find out that the reputable and trusted news-source Reuters has employed Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh's personal translator and secretary since 2009, Mohammed Sudam, as its manager in Yemen and head correspondent.Yemeni tweeps were outraged by the discovery, questioning Reuters' integrity and saying that this explained the distorted and inaccurate reports about Yemen which were spread by the news agency, since other media outlets were dependent on it's reports and were simply quoting them. Many Yemenis have been puzzled by the agency's reports, but with the recent discovery it was understood why.@NajlaMo states: "Mohammed Suddam: A Secretary& translator for #Saleh who works also as a reporter for @Reuters! #ShameonReuters! Never trust it!"And Dima Khatib, Arab journalist, commented: "How could a president's translator be a reliable source of information for an international agency like @Reuters ? If true, scandalous!"Journalist Gregg Carlstrom @glcarlstrom provided [a source which backs that claim] in English: @blakehounshell "@SultanAlQassemi Yep. Mohammad Sudam:"To express their shock at the revelation, Twitter users tweeted their reactions under the hashtag #ShameonReuters. @almuraisy also announced the creation of a #ShameonReuters Facebook page, which was set up by @TahaAbdohYemeni bloggers @NajlaMo and @Doryaleryani wrote posts in both English and Arabic to expose Reuters.@NajlaMo tweeted: "wanna know why we can no longer trust @Reuters? #shameonReuters #yemen #supportyemen #yf"And @Dory_Eryani [16] wondered (in Arabic):“And when Reuters is in the regime's pocket..who should we, oh my poor people of Yemen, talk to?”She also wrote an Arabic blog post here [17], expressing her shock at the situation, and her disappointment in news coverage on Yemen.Dory asks: "Is it possible that Reuters does not know this (Sudam's job with the President)? Of course, this is something unbelievable. Does Reuters know this and… Read More