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Miriam Celaya (Translator: Norma Whiting)

My Wish for 2012: Outraged People in Cuba

A European friend who recently visited Havana asked me what my greatest wish for this year 2012 was. Of course, she expected me to express to her the same old litany: the end of the dictatorship, democracy, peace, freedom, etc. The wishes that tens of thousands of Cubans have made each New Year’s and that, despite all the sorrows, have yet to come true. Maybe the propitiatory spirits, those that presumably participate or influence human aspirations need to perceive something more than the resolve in those who make the wishes… a signal indicating a little more vigor to make dreams achievable, something that can fulfill that old saying: “Help yourself, and God will help you.”So I simply said to my friend that, for 2012, I wish to see Cuba full of angry people, for it is on that day that we will be closer to such longed for rights and democracy. I’m not referring to childish protests of indignation on any corner or line, in different tones of voice and willing to be silent when some guy who looks like a political cop stares us down; for State transportation problems, or for the increasing reduction of so-called “subsidies” the national method, distributor of the parameters of poverty. Neither do I speak of the more or less biased comments about “how bad this is getting”. For at least 20 years I have been listening to the phrase “what’s so good about this is how bad it’s getting”, or “never is the night as dark as before dawn”, and in all that time, there hasn’t been the slightest improvement or light. What’s more, everything around us is sure to be getting worse and darker, so it is obvious that a change is needed, but not on the part of an autocracy that… Read More