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Mir Aahan Talpur

Searching for peace

I’ve been observing the Israel-Palestine peace process (if we could even call it that) for a long time, and have come up with what I believe are some basic blueprints to achieving some degree of success.The last few months of revolution and insurrection in the Arab World have taken some attention away from the “Kingdom of God,” but—along with rogue despots who rule Mideast nations—it remains the most contentious issue preventing peace and stability in the region. For the last century or so, the world has witnessed a conflict plagued with arrogance and intolerance from leaders on both sides.We also cannot ignore the intrusions from other nations, who seemingly perpetuate this issue. It’s the constant diplomatic bickering and whining, along with outbreaks of violence, that seem to increase the apathy I’ve encountered from my generation, a sense of hopelessness that the problem will never be solved.But with a new Spring there is hope, and in order to prevent even more antagonism between Israel and its neighbours, ideological changes need to occur. Before we look at a two-state solution, there needs to be some sense of stability and security in the region—a solid foundation from which to make yet another border-altering leap.When it comes to ideology, we need to get over the underlying “God gave us this land” mindset that serves to legitimize the arrogance, land grabbing, and violence from both sides. This is what makes the conflict seem like an endless one.In turn, we see many parties around the world take sides, from the Evangelical lobbies in the United States—who argue that Israel needs funding and support in order to fulfill Biblical prophecy—to the Arab and Islamic nations who use support for Palestine as a diversion from their own domestic problems. Let’s look at this conflict for what it really… Read More