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Michael Zytynsky

The Prince Arthur Podcast: Lise Ravary on #QC2014

Every week during the 2014 Quebec Election, Michael Zytynsky will be sitting down with Quebec newsmakers and newsbreakers to get their take on the week's events. This week, Michael is joined by Journal de Montréal columnist Lise Ravary. She talks about Quebec sovereignty and the entry of Pierre-Karl Péladeau. Hear what happened when she ran into PKP at the Radio-Canada studios on the day after his announcement:   Photo Credit: SRC Read More

Poilievre’s Democracy Deficit

Every Member of Parliament wants to leave a lasting legacy on the halls of Centre Block for their successors to enjoy. With the recent cabinet shuffle, Pierre Poilievre’s legacy got a helping hand after being appointed Minister of State for Democratic Reform. For those who aren’t already familiar with the portfolio, it deals with Canada’s current “democracy deficit” in Parliament. This includes vote whipping, the lack of private member’s bills that become law, the power government leaders have over Parliamentary committees, and the Prime Ministers’s role in assigning committee chairs and members, just to name a few. But none of those challenges listed are at the top of Minister Poilievre’s agenda. With the Upper Chamber embroiled with Brazeaugate, Duffygate and then Wallingate over the last year, the junior minister has made Senate reform his top priority. It’s a tall order. So tall that Poilievre admits the Conservatives are ready to call it quits on reform if the Supreme Court – whom they have asked if Parliament can amend the Constitution unilaterally to enact provincial elections and fixed term limits for Senators – rules against them. “In the event that these reforms are not successful, we believe that the Senate should be abolished,” he told the Prince Arthur Herald while in Montreal. “The reforms that we seek are a limit on terms to 9 years maximum, rather than an appointment basically for life.” On how Canadians would vote Senators into office, Poilievre says the Conservative government has their eye set on copying Alberta’s current system. “The federal government or the provinces should hold democratic votes among their citizens and those votes should recommend to the Prime Minister candidates for Senate. That has happened in Alberta and the Prime Minister has appointed the candidates.” Truth be told, the people of Alberta do… Read More