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Michael Eugenio

Another gaffe by Trudeau

The leader of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, has decided to open his mouth yet again and unfortunately for him, has added yet another gaffe to his increasing collection. At a speech in Toronto on Sunday evening, Trudeau tried to present his Liberal Party as the “preservers of liberty”. Trudeau came out firing against the Prime-Minister’s stance against the wearing of the Niqab at citizen ceremonies. “It is a cruel joke to claim you are liberating people from oppression by dictating in law what they can and cannot choose to wear” – Justin Trudeau He moreover tried to somehow equate the anti-Semitic policies of Liberal Prime-Minister Mackenzie King during WWII to the imaginary anti-Muslim immigration policies of the Harper government. Two high profile Jewish organizations, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and B’nai Brith Canada have come out against Trudeau’s ill-considered comments, denouncing Trudeau’s comments as “inaccurate and inappropriate”. The CIJA press release went on to say “When it comes to racism and bigotry in Canada, there is little to compare between 1939 and 2015.” They additionally added “In this regard, we note that the Government of Canada has appropriately and consistently distinguished between marginal, extreme, terrorist elements of the Muslim community and the broader Muslim community. This distinction is reflected by the more than 300,000 Muslim immigrants who have been welcomed to Canada since 2006” What Trudeau is attempting to do is take the Prime-Minister’s decision to oppose the wearing of the face-veil at citizenship ceremonies and warp it into somehow making it seem that the Prime Minister is legislating what one can and cannot wear on a daily basis. The Prime-Minister’s ban on the Niqab pertains solely to citizenship ceremonies. If one wishes to go on wearing the Niqab in their everyday life, then that is… Read More

Quebec could be the Conservatives’ saving grace

Are recent polls showing the Conservatives finally on top in nationwide polling to be taken seriously? Most people dismiss or petulantly claim that the pollster is biased when a poll does not show their preferred choice in a favourable position. Nonetheless, the most recent EKOS poll, which has a sample size of 2,974 has the Conservatives at 35 percent overall support and with an astonishingly high 26 percent in Quebec compared to the Liberals’ 27 and the NDP’s 25. The poll is simply yet another in a series of which show Conservative fortunes ticking upward nationally, sending the anti-Harper crowd in a dither. However, what is particularly interesting with this poll is the unusual strength the Conservative Party is showing in Quebec.     From typically polling fourth, with between 10 and 15 percent to now being second place in the province, in an essential three-way tie with the two opposition parties is a significant turn-around. To further cement the view that the Conservatives are on the comeback, the popular and credible poll aggregator has for the first time in a very long time placed the Conservatives in first place in terms of popular support in their last update on February 6. Influential Quebec political commentator and former Transport Minister under the Martin Liberals, Jean Lapierre, stated last week on a Montreal radio talk-show that this could translate into around 20 seats for the Conservatives in Quebec. If his hypothesis is accurate, that would mean a gain of 15 seats in the province. What is also clear in the EKOS poll is that the only part of the country where Liberal support is astoundingly high is in the Atlantic provinces, which currently has 13 Conservative seats. Assuming the Conservatives lose most of their seats there, the gain in Quebec… Read More

BDS Campaign at Concordia – Discriminatory Student Union

Perhaps reminiscing of the 2002 school year, which saw riots at Concordia University, pitting student against student and forever entrenching Concordia’s reputation as a stronghold of censorship, the 2014 CSU council members are itching for yet another fight. This year, a motion was passed in council to allow for there to be a referendum ballot question pertaining to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) [of Israel]. Student unions are notorious for being bastions of left-wing politics, claiming to be “open-minded”, “progressive” and in constant pursuit of “social justice”. The Concordia Student Union (CSU) fits that narrative perfectly but particularly this year’s current bunch, which by-and-large represent the ‘Community Matters’ affiliation. The hard left in general is also known for trying to mask their blatant anti-Semitic views and turn them into a fight against the only Jewish State in the world, Israel; all the while pretending to uphold the charade of being “open-minded” and “progressive”. Of all the atrocities and human rights violations happening in the world, the CSU sees Israel as the only acceptable target for BDS (a boycott, divest and sanction movement). I wonder why that is. What is stopping the CSU from choosing to include a strongly-worded referendum ballot question going after the Iranian regime hanging of homosexuals and adulterers, the Saudi regime’s beheading of idolaters and apostates, and the North Korean regime’s persecution of Christians? By choosing to turn a blind eye to these clear human rights violators, one must assume the CSU condones these actions? Why else is Israel seemingly the only target for student union criticism? And what exactly does the CSU think it will get out of this? On the ‘Concordians in Support of BDS’ Facebook page, a video was posted which, among other things, laughably made the comparison between BDS supporters and greats… Read More

Buzzing HR-Tech startup – Loosemonkies gears up for South Florida launch is making waves. It may be a largely unheard of product up until now, but it is likely the next big thing in job-search engines. The Prince Arthur Herald’s Michael Eugenio sat down with Montreal-based entrepreneur, Amar Magon, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Loosemonkies. Montreal-born start-up, is the solution that the online job industry has quietly been wishing for. Through an elegant interface for job seekers and employers, Loosemonkies intelligently displays percentage matches, immediately reveals real-time ranking of candidates, conveniently provides internal chat communication, video resume capability, and efficiently serves up simplified filtration tools. “With the speed at which technology has grown over the last ten to fifteen years, it boggles our mind that the online recruitment space hasn’t seen much innovation,” Magon said. What makes Loosemonkies innovative and disruptive is that it offers candidates and employers a refreshingly new experience with features that current job-search engines do not have in place.   “Whether you are an employer looking for talent, or a job candidate looking for your next best job, we’re all seekers. Our goal is to help all seekers find exactly what they’re looking for, in the easiest and most effective way possible.”   Loosemonkies is what Magon calls an “intelligent online job portal”, allowing users to engage in a rewarding job-hunt experience while not having to deal with the old-school woes of today’s traditional, archaic job boards. Here’s a snapshot of some of their unique features:   1. The ‘2-Way’ Match Percentage A prevailing feature unique to Loosemonkies is the very powerful match percentage tool. Essentially what the match percentage feature does is it provides each individual job seeker a match percentage to all the jobs posted. For example, job applicant A will be matched to job A with 82% compatibility and 65% compatibility to… Read More

Ridings to watch on Election Day

As voters, we are led to believe that every vote counts (and they do), however, when it comes down to brass tacks, only a handful of ridings are actually in contention. Of Quebec’s 125 ridings, in and around 100 are already “coloured-in”. Here are the ones to keep an eye on Monday night:   Saguenay-Lac-St.Jean Roberval All seven ridings in this region went handily to the PQ last election; however this election, Philippe Couillard has boldly decided to run in Roberval riding, in which he resides. The Sagunay-Lac-St.Jean region is well known for being a bastion for the sovereignty movement and a PQ stronghold, so many thought Couillard’s wanting to run in Roberval to be quite a dangerous move. However, polls show that it may be possible, and if there was any riding to choose in the region for the Liberal leader to run, it’s Roberval. The riding is represented federally by Conservative MP Denis Lebel and so that shows its electors have voted for one federalist party, so why not another? And if the candidate has a chance at being the next Premiere, that’s all the more reason to vote for the would-be Premiere. Dubuc The riding was PLQ red as recently as 2012 until it went to the PQ in the 2012 election. There was a 15 percentage point difference between the PQ and PLQ candidate, however if the CAQ vote completely evaporates in the region, which according to the last Léger poll, it only has 11 percent support there, and if there is a sort of “Couillard effect” sweeping the region, the riding could be in play.   Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine Bonaventure With the exception of a few blips here and there, Bonaventure has been a PLQ stronghold since confederation, so it was a real shocker when… Read More
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