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Maxime Doucet-Benoit

Legalize weed, but not like this

Anyone who knows me know that I am a strong advocate for the legalization of not just marijuana, but all drugs. I campaigned for Justin Trudeau just a few months ago and briefly worked for the Liberal MP I helped elect in my city. Despite this, I am appalled at how legalization is being handled by the Trudeau government. This issue is obviously not the only thing that disappoints me with my government, but it takes the cake. It’s hard to blame people for not knowing much about a controlled substance, but it’s quite terrifying when even our lawmakers don’t see fit to do some basic reading before legislating. For example, the proposed Cannabis Act would allow every citizen “to grow 4 marijuana plants, no higher than a meter each”. At first, this seems reasonable, if people are allowed to make wine at home, why not cannabis? Home-growing is already allowed for medical patients, thus it would be hard to suddenly outlaw it. But the strange part is the size requirement. A meter for an indica strain is reasonable, but sativa strains can go as high as six meters high if left to grow naturally. Both are marijuana plants, and while their effects on people are very different, neither is more dangerous than the other. This is not obscure information -- a simple Google search will tell you that. Putting this into law would be like telling people they’re allowed to make Cabernet Sauvignon in their basement, but not Beaujolais. Even more puzzling, edibles will not be legal when the law first comes into action because designing "an appropriate regulatory system for cannabis edibles is a complex undertaking and there are unique potential health risks and harms that need to be carefully understood before the development and coming into force of… Read More