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Matthew Pencer

An open letter to McGill

Dear McGill, Since you've probably been getting a lot of hate-mail recently, I feel I should do my best to counter that.First of all, thank you for standing up to the protesters/occupiers/hooligans. I find it a disgrace to the world-renowned university that is McGill, as well as the peaceful, civilized country of Canada, that this group (I would rather not refer to them as 'students') feels the need to trespass onto private property, disturbing the lives of others, in order to protest what they feel is unfair to them. In a civilized society such as ours, if you have a disagreement over how a small portion of fees should be processed, you write a letter; at most, hold up some signs. The fact that these spoiled individuals are so upset that the opt-out process isn't handled the exact way they want that they feel the need to break the law to get their point across is appalling. I hope that these individuals are all arrested and expelled from McGill. Unlike them, I recognize it is a privilege to attend university, and I would like to use my time here to attend class rather than start political movements and occupy my university's property when I learn not everyone supports my politics. On a side note, I would add that supporters of the protesters were going into classes today, asking students to support the protesters and saying that the occupiers inside were being denied basic rights such as food, water, and bathrooms. This is absolutely ridiculous, as anyone with a brain realizes they have the right to leave the building and go home; in fact they are obligated to. This is akin to saying that if someone is breaking into and robbing my home, I would be denying the perpetrator's human rights if I… Read More