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Martin Barillas

Israel warns Assad not to turn chemical weapons over to Hezbollah

Israel has sternly warned embattled Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad against transferring his stockpile of unconventional weapons, long-range missiles and advanced anti-aircraft weapons to the Hezbollah terrorist organization. A transfer of chemical weapons would be tantamount to a declaration of war against Israel, declared a senior Israeli defense official on February 6 who averred that his country  will not accept such a move and would act to prevent it.Assad confronted political opponents and ordinary Syrians in a nearly 11-month standoff in which 5,000 people have been killed, according to the United Nations. Over the last ten days, Syrian rebels briefly controlled the eastern periphery of Damascus, the capital city, but were met with a brutal and swift response by Syrian forces loyal to the dictator. While the resistance was crushed, it is seen in the region as a dangerous development for the regime.Bloodletting in Syria has increased in recent days as Western and Arab diplomatic efforts to pressure Russia over its refusal to condemn the Syrian regime.  A draft resolution submitted to the U.N. Security Council demands that Assad halt the violence to then implement an Arab League peace plan. The plan would require him to transfer power to his vice president, and allow creation of a unity government to prepare for elections. If Assad fails to comply within 15 days, the Council would consider unspecified "further measures," a reference to a possible move to impose economic or other sanctions.Israel is concerned over the possible transfer of Syria’s its armaments, including unconventional weapons, to the Hezbollah organization based in Lebanon. Syria has already transferred armaments to the control of the terrorist group, even while the weapons are still on Syrian soil.  The other weapons that could be transferred into the hands of Hezbollah include long-range missiles, and advanced anti-aircraft systems that… Read More