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Mark Hoffman

10 things to do before graduating college

With graduation fast approaching, many of you college juniors and seniors are probably wondering whether you’re using your time in college wisely. Well, wonder no more since here you’ll find a G-rated list of the things you must do before graduating college. Have you done them all?Open a savings account - College is when most of us start becoming independent individuals. Unfortunately, this means being financially independent from our parents. So get a hold of your finances and learn to invest some of your disposable income. If buying stocks aren’t your forte, open a basic savings account. Start saving your money! Start learning a foreign language - Let’s face it, we live in a globalized world where knowledge of foreign languages is a strong asset. Nowadays, in most international cities, bilingualism or trilingualism is the norm. So pick a country where you might see yourself working in one day and start learning its official language. You might want to start with the For Dummies series. Network - Before graduating, make sure to get to know your Professors well, especially the ones who have specialized in your field of interest. They can be good mentors. Also, try to meet as many interesting people as you can even if you’ve already established your circle of friends. Network for your career! Build your resume - It’s often in college that most students start working on their resume. Go visit your career advisor and sign up for workshops that teach you how to write a professional resume. Think about how you want to advertise yourself to potential employers and tailor your resume accordingly. Life is about to get serious! Complete an internship - Rather than spending months vacationing, you might want to consider completing a summer internship. For those who work during summer to support themselves, there are… Read More

Last-minute summer destinations for east coast students

Dear east coast students,Are your Facebook friends constantly changing their “current city” to tropical destinations while you’re stuck in your hometown for the summer? Well, I’m happy to reassure you there’s still hope! If you need a quick long-weekend getaway from the city, these top three trendy Northeastern destinations might just be perfect for you.Mont-Tremblant, QCUp in the Laurentian Mountains 130 kilometers north-west of Montreal lies the luxurious village of Mont-Tremblant, French for “trembling mountain.” But don’t panic, I assure you from personal experience the mountain does not roar. Attracting international tourists throughout all four seasons, the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort is most popular for its lavish hotels, spas, and condominiums which are all set at the base of the mountain. The resort also has a lake and two golf courses open during the summer. Other popular summer activities include tennis, mountain biking, golfing, hiking, water skiing, sailing, and perhaps gambling in the edgy new Casino of Mont-Tremblant, open seven days a week. For those of you looking to get pampered, the world-class Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant offers all kinds of therapeutic massages and baths in a peaceful natural setting. As for accommodation, there are two options depending on your price range: the Fairmont Tremblant hotel starting at $199/night or $217/night for bed & breakfast or if you are on a budget, Hostelling International Mt. Tremblant has shared accommodation (4-8 people) from $28.75 per night for non-members.Cape Cod, MACape Cod, or “the Cape” if you want to pretend you’re a local, is literally an anchor-resembling cape in the south-eastern portion of Massachusetts, with over 900 kilometers of coastline and 60 public beaches. You don’t have to be a Kennedy to summer at the Cape. As long as you own a pair of Sperry Top-Siders, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and a Ralph Lauren oxford… Read More