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Marisela Amador

The Third Wave – Interview with La Formule Espresso Bar

As a no-frills, day-to-day coffee drinker with just a general idea of what specialty coffee consists of, I was a bit at odds with this so-called Third Wave coffee movement. I mean, I can appreciate quality tasting coffee, but from an outside perspective it always seemed somewhat snobbish and elitist.     Before making hasty assumptions, let's break it down. What exactly is this Third Wave coffee movement? Well, according to some online coffee connoisseurs, the Third Wave pays particular attention to the origin and artisanal method of production. Esquire simply phrased it as "being to Starbucks what Starbucks was to Folger's." So, it's all about the quality of the product as opposed to the coffee shop experience that chains usually target. In Montreal, coffee enthusiasts have been riding this Third Wave for some time now. The Prince Arthur Herald decided to head down to La Formule Espresso Bar, an independent and well respected coffee shop in the city. La Formule has been open for a little over a year, and is located inside a candy shop on Saint-Catherine St West. The shop is run by owner John Panoryios and his wife, Maggie. John was gracious enough to grant me an interview to demystify this Third Wave to the skeptical novice, such as myself.     Why "La Formule" as the name? John: For me a good coffee means a lot. I always wanted to serve coffee which would be quality and would make people happy. If somebody chooses to come into my cafe and they are having a stressful day or they are having a good day, maybe our coffee can add something to it. So for that person that's their own “formule.”     How would you describe the Third Wave? John: I love the fact that I… Read More

The post-dating world of ‘Hooking-up’

We live in a technology ubiquitous world where access to social media has broken down traditional conventions of dating and mating while leaving us more unsatisfied than ever before. So what happened to the rules? You know the so called dating rules that were established back when people actually dated. Like if you got a text message after 11 pm it was definitely a booty call or the whole ‘three-day rule’ after a first date. Well, since we live in a ‘hook-up culture’ where dating appears passé and unattractive, these rules no longer exist. Millennials just don't date. We hook-up and that is it. However, because of this we are often left unsatisfied and confused. So the real question then becomes, “why do we participate in this culture?”. According to the theory of scholars Caroline Heldman and Lisa Wade of Occidental College, applying to both men and women, Millennials' primary motive for hooking-up is to form a relationship. Unfortunately though, with little to no success. An article in Rolling Stone explains that Millennials' behavior appears to be an extension of the 1960s/1970s sexual revolution of the Baby Boomer generation's. The Boomers facilitated pre-marital sex and reinforced sexual freedom, although ultimately adhering to traditional concepts of commitment and marriage. However, according to the article, Boomers were also the generation with the highest divorce rate, which might help explain our generation’s attraction to promiscuous ways. Furthermore, the article states that the ‘hook-up culture’ has left us in uncharted territory, with no pre-conceived conventions of how to make monogamy and commitment work. So in other words, we hook-up in hopes of forming a connection with another person, without any idea of how to do it.     But does this mean that Millennials are having more sex than preceding generations? The answer is… Read More