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Mari Jang

President, Students in Support of Free Speech

Ontario Liberals screw over the middle class once again

As the daughter of a man who runs his own business, I am familiar with the various expenses that a business owner is hit with. Some of it is expected, and others – not so much – such as this $15 an hour minimum wage increase being brought in by Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne. The Liberals are proving once again that they have less knowledge of how the economy works than a university student with no business background (I’m willing to admit it) aside from her family experience. How could they come out with this ridiculous plan? Maybe the rest of us are idiots for giving the Liberals the benefit of the doubt – yet again. ‘They couldn’t possibly increase it to $15/hr,’ I told myself. ‘People are overreacting. It’ll likely be a one-or-two-dollar increase at most,’ I reassured myself. Alas, alack, the Liberal Boogeyman strikes again. With an approval rating clocking in at just 12% back in March, it seems Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is desperate to claw her way back up the ranks. Though she first appeared on the scene as a progressive government official and a role model to young girls, we can now see her for the common crook she is. My father is one of many hardworking entrepreneurs who believe in competitive wages. All his employees without a lick of experience were started at $15/hr, with all equipment, certification, training, and union fees fully paid for. This is a great act of generosity in the construction business where often, purchasing one’s own equipment and getting certified can cost people hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of dollars. —————— More from the PAH:   Trudeau’s reckless spending is hurting Canada by Katerina Gang Donald Trump is Canada’s useful idiot on supply management by Tom Kott Legalize weed, but not… Read More