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Marco Lugo

Holy children

For Tragedy and Comedy are both composed of the same letters. - AristotleLast week, my article in the French section exposed what is, I believe, the fundamental contradiction of social conservatism. Three days later, a concise application of this same strand of conservatism surfaced in the English section of this same paper, in the article: Same sex adoption is not a game. This coincidence can only be a real pun on the infinite monkey theorem. The main problem with social conservatism comes up when values are forced upon the people using the help of the state (what Max Weber would describe as the institution holding a “monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory”). In this particular case, the cause of the homo conservaticus (referring to this social conservative) goes as follows: “normal” development of the child needs a traditional family (i.e. father and mother) and the absence of any one of them would end up causing an abnormal development of the child. It is on this premiss that he puts forward the idea that his values should be imposed by the state: “The rights and needs of children to a mother and a father should be protected by the state. Adults do not have a right to deprive children of a father or a mother.” The argument is used to endorse a ban on adoption by same sex couples (because of the missing father or mother). Discrimination is blatant. To eliminate it, it is imperative that the premiss is taken to its absurd logical conclusions. Should the state ban single-parent families, divorce, family separation of child rearing couples, etc. or should it simply impose a brand of discriminatory and hypocritical liberty by only banning same sex couples from having children?Random fact: in 2001, 27% of census families in… Read More