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Maddison Long

Syria: All in or Fold

With the avid buildup of tensions between Syria and the international community, the casualties of thousands of Syrians, and the millions of refugees stranded in Jordan as well as, other neighboring countries. President Obama is left with few options in his hand, and he must make a play. More than 100,000 Syrian citizens have been killed in the two year civil war, and whether the blame should fall on the government forces or the rebels is highly controversial. Suffice to say, the fault of the many casualties fall on both sides. It is also becoming increasingly clear that chemical weapons are being used on the citizens. The Paris-based humanitarian aid group Doctors Without Borders have recently tallied up 355 deaths after the suspected chemical weapons attack in the Damascus region. Chemical weapons have been illegal in warfare for centuries and the illegalities of these weapons were reiterated in the Geneva Convention of 1925. Is the use of chemical weapons a fair justification for the West to intervene in Syria? Has the Syrian civil war crossed the ‘red line’? The problem with Western intervention in Syria is the fallout from those actions in relation to the West’s international relationship with the Middle East and, more importantly, the closest ally to the Assad regime: Russia. The course of the Syrian Civil War has moved to a more sectarian nature over the past year, and many fear that the Alawites would face a genocidal-like reprisal if the Assad regime were to fall. Regional security is a primary concern for Western nations regarding military intervention in Syria. There has already been several incidents of cross-border conflict with Lebanon, Israel, and Turkey, which has increased the hesitance within the international community to get involved. The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, stated during a recent press… Read More