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The Libertarian Letters: Why Libertarian McGill?

The Libertarian Letters are co-written by the executives and members of Libertarian McGill, McGill’s only libertarian campus club. Their libertarian perspective on student, national, and international politics will appear regularly in the pages of the Prince Arthur Herald. You can contact Libertarian McGill at you don’t know what libertarianism is, and that’s fine, but we’re not going to make an attempt to define it right here. Since this is the Herald, you’re on a computer, so Wikipedia it if you need to. We don’t want to talk about why we’re libertarians or why you should be a libertarian, but rather about why we think Libertarian McGill is an importantFirstly, being a libertarian is often a very solitary business, so forming a club allows like-minded libertarians to meet and engage in political discussion based in libertarian. While this alone is a good reason for a number of clubs, we think it is doubly true for libertarians because politics permeate our lives. We discuss politics discussed both at the university and elsewhere. Being libertarian means being scared to voice your opinions for fear of being castigated, especially in our overwhelmingly liberal university setting.  Libertarian McGill can act as a refuge for all those students who now close their mouths for fear of everyone jumping down their throat.Secondly, and by no means less important, Libertarian McGill will work to change the political discourse at the university itself. Much like the Herald, we see a startling lack of diversity in terms of ideas and political ideology at McGill. University is supposed to open our minds to new ideas and new ways of thinking about the world, not dictate for us that there is only one right way of doing things. We recognize that the university and its professors are bound to be overtly liberal,… Read More