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Laura Edgett and Tom Kott

Cookbook Review: From a Polish Country House Kitchen

While we’re not experts in Polish cuisine, we feel we know about it more than most North Americans. Our favourite restaurant is a little Polish place in the Old Port of Montreal called Stash Café Bazaar which we frequent very often. We have also cooked from an old Polish cookbook passed down from Tom’s Polish grandmother, which we have used for comparing certain recipes. Also, Laura has been cooking all her life which gives her a good ability to compare and contrast methods used in other cookbooks.That being said, the new Polish cookbook entitled From a Polish Country House Kitchen – 90 Recipes for the Ultimate Comfort Food written by Anne Applebaum and Danielle Crittenden was a great treat to work from. From the amazing pictures of Anne’s restored countryside manor house to the simple and elegant layout of the whole book, the two authors have done an extraordinary job bringing the taste of newly revived post-communist Eastern European food to the West.Danielle and Anne aren’t your everyday cookbook authors. Danielle is an accomplished author and columnist who is now the International Blog Editor for the Huffington Post, and Anne is an award winning author and historian who focuses on communism and the Cold War. This unique combo gives a refreshing and more personal touch to each dish, as every recipe comes with a preamble that explains the food’s origins and comes with a small personal or historical anecdote. The recipes no longer just provide food, but pieces of history which can be better appreciated.The cookbook is divided into seven chapters: appetizers and starters, soups, salads and vegetables, main courses, pierogi and pancakes, desserts, and “from a Polish Larder” – which includes pickles, jams, and infused vodkas. In our opinion, the biggest success of this cookbook was dispelling the myth that… Read More