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Kevin Pidgeon

Tech Crunch Disrupt and Getaround – Keep an Eye Open

This week, New York City hosted an extraordinary event for tech startups called TechCrunch Disrupt. TechCrunch Disrupt, now owned by AOL, is an event for a variety of fledging startups to demo their products and pitch it to investors. Out of a pool of thousands of candidates, twenty-five companies are selected to compete in the Battlefield. However, in order to win the coveted $50,000 (USD) prize and the “Disrupt Cup,” one must step onto the Battlefield stage and impress a panel of judges and advance through several rounds while simultaneously impressing the public in the demopit. If all business is war, then TechCrunch Battlefield is most accurately described as the charge up Omaha Beach with heavy machine gun fire whizzing by.While I could go into the details of every single startup, some of which were absolutely hailed by the judges, one company seemed to outshine all others. So much so in fact, that the judges claimed to be “anxious” they themselves had not thrown their money into the project. Most interestingly of all was that this company was still in the Angel Investment stage of their launch and has not even opened its doors to VCs (venture capitalists) yet. However, after their showing at TC Disrupt, they are more than likely very close to making the leap into that next exciting stage.At its fundamental core, Getaround is a P2P (Peer  to Peer) car sharing service, but it’s truly the innovative way they present the product, and the relative ease with which the starter is installed that puts it way above the “Spaghetti” plate offered by some of their competitors, such as the similar, but somewhat flawed, Zipcar. The company, founded by Singularity University’s inaugural class graduates Jessica Scorpio and Sam Zaid, as well as a former Googler Elliot Kroo, seemingly hit… Read More