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Kevin Brendan Pidgeon

A Letter From The Publisher

As someone who barely writes for this paper and in future likely won’t very much either I want to point out a few things.This paper is a collective of information. I have noticed in the absolutely lit up comments section that there is often mention of the Herald as being a pulpit for anti-QPIRG voices. I want you to sincerely know that this is simply not the case. While our current writing staff clearly has a distaste for QPIRG, the Herald as a whole has no official stance on the organization and the overall impact it has on students. While the two articles that went up yesterday encourage students to opt-out, I would like to point out that I am simply trying to offer a forum for these people to speak on whatever it is they are interested in. In fact we have a letter to the editor going up this afternoon to the contrary. Again, I would like to encourage the writers of some of the more elongated facebook comments to email me if you have any interest in writing a rebuttal column to anything you see in my paper. I would like to make it abundantly clear that I am not trying to create a pulpit from the right to preach. Frankly QPIRG, to me, is in the grand scheme not something we should be fighting over so much. Frankly, student politics as a whole sometimes look like a caricature. The General Assembly and other broken institutional protocols see too that every year on this university campus. There are many things that need change, granted, and I see valid points on both sides. I see the value in QPIRG fundamentally, just as I see the value of educating people about where their money is going. Unfortunately, I only have columnists writing… Read More