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Kayla Herbert

Unions oppress, not protect workers

Tim Hudak’s “Paths to Prosperity: Flexible Labour Markets” is a bold and necessary addition to the labour market discussion. Hudak’s white paper critiques outdated principles and above all, proposes pragmatic solutions for ongoing problems in Ontario’s labour market.          Unions originated out of a need to protect employees from their employers; ensuring workers receive fair wages and benefits. Despite our progress as a democratic country, labour laws still reflect their original context; a time when employees were not protected under the law. As a result, we now have unregulated corporations claiming to represent the worker.A union’s primary concern is its own existence and not the worker’s protection. Unions justify political and ideological motives, to ensure their own survival, by claiming to represent workers’ rights. The Public Service Alliance of Canada’s (PSAC) campaign: “Third Choice” is a smear campaign consisting of attack ads against the Conservative government. PSAC, like many other unions, are partisan and encourage their own political ideas to their members. A union was once a collection of people vouching for workers’ rights and has now become a political tool. Canadians should not be forced to join a political group they do not believe in, yet under our current labour code, workers are stripped of their freedom to choose.The benefit union executives gain from worker’s grievances is a common form of exploitation in our labour market. Since power and money is often gained by the union when they take measures against the employer, it encourages a wrongful motive. Above all, since a union is partisan for its own survival, it is not guaranteed that the union is acting in the worker’s best interest.Unions are exploiting workers and our labour code is failing to protect them. As Hudak proposes in his labour reform paper, Ontario should shift the power from independent… Read More