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A Midwinter’s Dream Tale

You know it’s a good show when the director is sitting in the row behind you, laughing as if he’s seeing it for the very first time.A Midwinter’s Dream Tale melds elements of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream andThe Winter’s Tale; Oberon, King of the Fairies (Adrian Proszowski) suspects his wife Titania (Kelly Rigole) of infidelity, thanks to an oversight by the mischeivous trickster Puck (Jesse Buck). Into this complicated state of affairs stumble Pomme Frites (A Company of Fools Artistic Director Scott Florence) and ‘Restes (A Company of Fools co-founder Margo MacDonald), a pair of clowns driven by an inexorable quest for ice cream. All this is enhanced by special effects, improvisational comedy, and an exquisitely choreographed chorus of fairies. To go into too much detail would risk spoiling all the magical surprises that await.A Company of Fools has a long tradition of presenting Shakespeare… well, Shakespeare with twists. The result is always a production that shows great respect for the best parts of Shakespeare’s work, yet is a completely new creation in its own right. You could call it “riffing on the Bard,” but please don’t. It’s what happens when a truly creative group of people take an idea and run with it, with the end goal of pure entertainment.I was stunned by the high production values of this show. Not only is it the best production of the GCTC’s season so far, but it proves definitively that it’s possible to provide the same level of quality you would expect from, say, the NAC, in a space usually home to less-technically-ambitious shows. A Company of Fools has a knack for doing more than you would expect them to be able to with what they have; even then, they’ve exceeded themselves this time. The ticket price should be justified to even the most… Read More