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Joshua Lieblein and Clare Schulte-Albert

Uniting the right: the case for an OPCYA/OPCCA merger

This weekend, conservative youth in Ontario will gather in Cambridge to vote on an ambitious proposal to merge the two youth wings affiliated with the PC Party of Ontario. Currently, we have the OPCYA (Ontario PC Youth Association), which works at a riding level, and the OPCCA (Ontario PC Campus Association) which deals with conservative campus clubs at Ontario’s various universities and colleges. Years ago, when it was difficult to travel around the province of Ontario and commuting was much less common, conservative youth would be confined to their home ridings, so youth associations were much more prominent. Today, youth are more networked and mobile so there is more overlap between the groups of young conservatives that a given youth would interact with at a riding and a campus club level. As such, the distinction between campus clubs and riding associations has blurred to the point where the distinction between the youth associations and campus clubs has mostly lost its meaning.             That’s the more complex argument for why we should merge. However, since you’re busy and we’re busy preparing for the Cambridge convention, we have prepared a short and easy list of 10 reasons why you, the young conservative reading this, should wholeheartedly support this merger. Leave aside personal grudges, mudslinging on social media, and let’s get down to the heart of the debate:United we stand. OPCCA and OPCYA share one common goal – to get conservatives elected. There is no need for them to be separate for this goal to be achieved. The day-to-day activities of campus clubs and youth associations would be unaffected by the merger proposal.End membership overlap. Many of the same people serve in leadership positions in both organizations. All OPCCA members are considered OPCYA members. Much of the OPCYA membership is made up of the campus… Read More