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Josh Windham

5 reasons to be a proud capitalist

Support for “democratic socialism” is growing on campuses across North America. With so many students caught up in Bernie fever, it seems like an appropriate time to bring some diversity to the conversation—some intellectual diversity. It may seem shocking to some students, but I support the laissez-faire social system that protects each individual’s right to life, liberty, and property by banning the initiation of physical force from human affairs. Below are five reasons that I’m proudly pro-capitalist. 1. Capitalism respects my right to live for my own sake. The vast tome of human civilization features a dark, suffocating, relentless motif: the enslavement of the individual by the collective. Whether in the name of the clan, the tribe, the nation, the race, or the proletariat, the resounding imperative has been that the individual live to serve the “greater good”—greater, that is, than his own good. The Enlightenment, with its culmination in our Declaration of Independence and the emergence of capitalism, gave its shining answer in the name of the individual: “NO—I have the right to live for my own happiness, my own flourishing, my own joy.” 2. Capitalism recognizes that my mind is my basic tool of survival and that in order to think, I must be free to use it. In order to live, human beings must think. All other animals have some distinctive set of physical tools that make their survival possible. Clip a bird’s wings, remove a snake’s fangs, file down a lion’s claws, and you make impossible the task of hunting prey, of acquiring food, of living for those animals. But human beings aren’t primarily hunters of prey—we’re first and foremost creators of the values we need in order to survive and prosper. Our mind is our chief creative tool. To thwart an individual’s capacity to think is akin to… Read More