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Jonathan Koonings

John Bolton: we should fear a second Obama term

On Oct. 18th, Former UN Ambassador John Bolton gave a speech in Toronto. The Prince Arthur Herald’s Jonnathan Koonings was at the event and here are his thoughts as well as quotes from Ambassador Bolton’s speech. John Bolton has been described as a man with strong views, but also a man with a grasp of foreign policy second to none. At the end of the evening it became clear to me that what is said about Ambassador Bolton is true.Being an American myself, the upcoming election will have a great effect on me just like my friends up here in the North. Mr. Bolton was able to expound upon my previously held fears related to the possibility of a second Obama term. What is clear to him is that Obama views America’s place in this world as a country that should not take advantage of its unique role in this world. That we have been dominant for too long, that we need to restrain our influence and our power. That America should back down on the world stage, that America should embrace the countries that are sworn to destroy us and simply hope they will disarm themselves. Obama, as Mr. Bolton stated, is the first president who is fundamentally different from the long line of both Democrats and Republicans who preceded him in that he doesn’t consider America’s national security to be of the utmost importance. This has become clearly evident to the normal observer. His focus is not our threats, our economy, our external challenges, or anything else that is serious. His main concern is his desire to “fundamentally change America.”  Normally, a president like this would be classified as an “Isolationist”. This is clearly not the case for Obama and this is what makes him even more dangerous.Obama… Read More